28 July, 2010

I hate people sometimes.

Hehehe. I felt like I wanted to channel my rage at the world into semi-readable whimsical ramblings. First, I feel that I should say something directed at girls...
Do you have a friend? Or a group of friends that you are very close to? Mmkay. Is one of those friends in a relationship with someone you like?
Right hang on, I shall apply the real-life situation. (Names have been changed for the discretion of those involved)
I'm close friends with Nicole, Mary, and Jenny. They are also all good friends with Kayley, but I'm not really that close with Kayley. Mary is in a relationship with a boy called Tom, who she's known for a while, and has had a good friendship with. They finally started dating a few weeks back, but Kayley got very jealous because she was also good friends with Tom, and her jealousy quickly increased to phsychotic levels. For example, the first day Mary and TOm met up as a couple, accompanied by Jenny and Kayley, and Kayley walked across and subsequently ruined a heart that Tom had drawn in the ground for Mary. Other occasions have also followed, and this has just this evening resulted in the split of Mary and Tom. So, KAYLEY, I hope you're happy. You got what you wanted, now hide underground before I get you.


Second item on the agenda (sorry!) is boyfriends. Yes, I'm only thirteen. Yes, I'm intelligent, independant and everything else that Beyonce and Christina have sung for me. No, I don't need a boy to validate me. However, I have one. And never have I been so glad that I have one. Don't get me wrong, I haven't had a LOT of boyfriends. That would make me a...never mind. Anyway, me and my boyfriend have been going on, on and off (with a record of nine breakups) for eight months. Then, for the remaining four months that made up a year, (see? Mathematical) we've been going out solidly. I think this is quite an achievement if I'm honest, and things were going really well. I mean, we'd had a couple of arguements, but nothing major. Until Sunday, when my boyfriend (let's call him Bob) had what can only be described as a moodswing :) and things went downhill from there. On Monday, we had an hour-long walk in total silence. On Monday night, he decided he didn't want to be a boyfriend. Yesterday was devoted to worry and mooching. Yesterday evening- reconciliation! Yay. Things are all fantastic again, but I would just like to say that yes, I love him. More than possible is possible. But I don't want to end up like Mary, Tom and Kayley. So I'm trying my hardest. :)

*names that have been changed:
Nicole- Ceri
Mary- Amy
Jenny- Jesille
Kayley- Kaitlin
Tom- Toby
Bob- Charles

Now that's cleared up. :)

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