31 August, 2010

Being careful.

In this day and age, what with all the health warnings, global warning and other such doom-mongering stories, it's refreshing to see people who actively go out and wear their lives on their wrists. I know that seems like an awful thing to say...woaaaaahhh! Don't think that. Just hear me out, OK? Hold on! Steady! Anyway...yes, I mean people who will wake up ino the morning and think, 'I'm going to do something really stupid/potentially life-threatening today'. And they do this because they need to prove to themselves that life really IS precious. All these silly people, spewing endless jargon about how important and special life is, how we should live everyday as our last...well, they don't practice what they preach. Me, for example; here I am, writing this post, hiding behind my laptop screen from the world (not literally, of course. That would be silly.), encouraging you to 'get out there!' and 'take on the world!' and yet the most exciting thing I've ever done is stay up until 5:00AM for no apparent reason. Yes. I live my life on knives' edge, and of course you should do the same. You should think to yourself that instead of being stuck in the endless monotony of commuting, working, commuting, eating, sleeping, commuting etc. etc. you should instead do something so outrageous, and funny and bold, that thinking about it years after still gives you goosebumps...you should streak through your local Debenhams, or Primark. Maybe jump into the canal. Run through many photos in tourist-trap London. Dare yourself to do something that only the midly attention-seeking and/or mentally deficient would attempt. Do something so big, that in the run up to it, a million and one thoughts are rushing through your head, and only 1/8 of them totally make sense, whilst adrenaline courses through your trembling, weakened body. And when you've done this thing, get back to me. Tell me excactly how it felt, and what it was that you did. Good luck!

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