31 August, 2010

I'm not questioning your lifestyle. But why do you do it?

I'm into Marilyn Manson. In a big way. It all started with Kerrang! and ''This Is The New ----'', swiftly followed by ''Tainted Love'' (courtesy of Viva), and then ''Sweet Dreams [Are Made Of This]''. It got me thinking; is he really like that all the time? It must get slightly wearing to swing your feet out of bed each morning, plant them on the cold, unforgiving marble floor (I'm just improvising here; Marilyn Manson doesn't really have a marble floor, and if he did, I'm sure he'd have invested in under-floor heating; he can probably afford it, if he's squandering money on the aforementioned marble flooring), and shuffle in a martyred fashion towards the door, with the intention of going to the bathroom, or the nearest mirror, to grease up your hair, glue on your eyelashes, and change the pallor of your face to a subtle...ghost. To prod into your world-weary eyes the trademark milky-white contacts with the dark, soul-less pupil with a cracked, charred fingernail. And then there's his fans. They really intrigue me, if truth be told. A whirlwind of black, lace, fishnet, eyeliner and hairdye, they seem perfectly content; but they don't seem at all comfortable. I mean, I daresay you and I have had an off-day before now, where all we want is comfortable jeans and a familiar T-Shirt, as opposed to something more becoming; these people (I don't want to label them with an overrated title, such as 'Goth' or 'Emo'. Categorising people is outdated, patronising and faintly ignorant) amaze me. You could starve them of sleep, human contact and daylight for a year, but give them black cosmetics, funeral attire, screaming music and a lifetime's supply of energy drinks and you wouldn't see them for dust. Sometimes I wish I could be more like that...immune to the conflicts of human nature. It's truly incredible. But do these people really exist? Does their lifestyle choice really make them so immune to the trials and tribulations of daily life? Maybe I should ask Dita Von Teese...

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