30 August, 2010

That funny little thing called...Life.

Oh dear, I bet I've raised your expectations now. This isn't going to be a deep, philosophical vent over the Internet. Sorry to disappoint; no, I just need to talk. And talk, and type, and think, and forget :) Oh I don't know. I'm sorry, this must seem to be a little disjointed at the moment, and I really have no idea why. I'm messed up; I think. I do have it pretty good right now, and for some reason Winter has been playing on my mind. I miss the high, clear skies, the frosty air and the crunchy ground. I miss the excitement before Christmas, and the mellow months after it. I miss the shivers of cold and anticipation before my birthday, and before Hallowe'en. But most of all, I miss the whole sense that something just...FITS in Winter. In Summer, it's all about flirting, feeling good and looking pretty. And sex. But in Winter, no-one cares :) everyone drifts around with something to do, or someone to see, but no really PURPOSE. In Winter, there is no tension in the air. There is no expectation. There is cold, there is clean, there is clear. There is also the mounting sense that a New Start could be just what everyone needs. And even if the New Year leaves some of us behind, the sense of optimism, wellbeing and hope that presides it. I miss Winter. It's the dark, early mornings, and the dark, early nights. The warmth that spreads steadily through your body as soon as you seek out shelter from the biting Britsh cold. The flurry of multi-coloured scarves at school, each representing a little bit about the person who wears it. The endless arguements with the teachers about what clothing is and isn't acceptable in the classroom, and the romance that seems to fill Winter to it's icy brim. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what has been plaguing my mind for a while now. Sometimes, when I breathe in deeply enough, I can feel the hit of clean, cold air smacking my lungs.

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