02 September, 2010

Blog feedback and twiddling my mustache...

I started this blog at the end of July; because I had just remembered about my old one, which alas had to be discontinued because I forgot the password. I didn't really intend for it to be anything serious, or even anything consistent, but I've found that I'm going on almost everyday and posting things now. I like to get my thoughts out in the open, because it makes room in my head for other things, important things; such as tightrope walking, or impersonating a balloon, or other such activities. The feedback I have had so far (albeit from members of my family, yes, but still!) has been really quite nice. I've had encouragement, positivity and praise :) and considering one of my biggest fans (presumption in never the enemy) is a Writer (with a capital W), that, to me, suggests that I'm actually rather good at rambling inanely to my keyboard. Anyhow, I now have a Twitter account (WisdomOfBeth), so please Follow me, as I need to get more people to share my brain children (these posts). Thank you!
I've been thinking lately (because that's what I do) about how absurd we can behave. For instance, people can throw away good friendships to follow the herd. Yes, once again, we are back to the infuriating problem of the teenage populaion today. I feel I AM in such a position to allow me to comment, as I'm not really a teenager, apparently I'm secretly a 35-year-old woman. Hopefully that isn't true, I just have an extensive vocabulary which, fortunately (or heuresement, if you want to be all French about it), I can articulate. I do find it useful to empty your mind from time to time. I think of this blog rather like a Recycle Bin for my brain; you can get rid of everything you don't want, but from time to time you can go back and visit such discarded things, if only for sentimental reasons...
Sorry, I digressed again; my English teacher always said that if I wanted to achieve the grade I knew I could in my exams, controlled digression is the key; ironic how really, I'm not exercising controlled digression very well at the moment.
Yes, the abnormal teenagers that I share my school, and to further extents, my life with. I wish I could see what makes everyone else fit in. Admittedly, everyone fits in in different ways. In the group that I frequent, my boyfriend and friend just tend to act as they would if no-one was watching, which in turn contributes to the relaxed ambience about the group. In the popular crowd, swearing, dyed, greasy hair, loud, shrill voices and expressive accounts of...well, be imaginative here; these things are key to 'fitting in'. Really, I don't want to fit in. I'm happy being me. And at the moment, me is a tallish, blondeish 13-year-old girl, who likes school, and lives for fun. I'm not writing a Lonely Hearts ad here, but I do admit the temptation to add GSOH to the list is almost ovderwhelming; I think, in all honesty, I'm rather intelligent, witty, satirical and ironic; I'm just the right amount of self-depricating, but I don't compensate with arrogance. I have it all, don't you agree? Ahh. I amuse myself. Rather more than is necessary, some may say. But I don't care! To hell with all the cliques, and the groups, and the pointless rules and codes that you need to have a group of superficial friends. If people like me, they gravitate towards me; if not, I end up having abuse hurled at me from across the school Quad. I do shoot from one extremem to the next, but as long as I don't take myself seriously, I see no problem! Sorry for this rather over-expressive post; I'm probably just being exciteable. That's me!

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