20 September, 2010

Greetings, salutations, apologies and secrets.

Hello all...six followers who read my blog. I'm incredibly sorry that I have not been able to post more of my Whimsical Ramblings (self-endorsement...gotta love it), but I've been rather busy with homework, coursework, life, food etc. But no matter! We shall plough on relentlessly, and when we get bored, we shall turn to the humble custard cream once more. Anyway, I must stop getting so easily distracted by food. It is my weakness, especially biscuits. And no, I don't even know why either. For heaven's sake, I don't make ANY sense this evening. Terribly sorry; anyway, back to the matter which I hold in my hand. Right now. This very instant. Yes, now. I do mean now...3..2..1..NOW! Aha! Nearly got you. You thought I was going to stop my aimless digressing, did you not? HA! Fools...fools!!! Sorry, sorry...

I've just realised, after looking about my room in a decidedly perplexed manner for several minutes, that the jangling noise I'm hearing to my right is coming from my many bracelets, jiggling upon my Cornwall-tanned-but-faded arm. Oh dear, what am I like?! *camp hand gesture*. Good lord, I do believe I am wasting your time! Heavens to Mergatroid. So sorry!

YES, this matter which is now fighting to get out of my hand and leap up into the cyberworld of which my thoughts are slowly trickling, turning irridescent and sparkly as they float around in the ethreal world of t'Internet. Yes, this sorely neglected matter...secrets! Yay, secrets. I know we all love secrets; whetehr they're ours, or someone else's, there is always a certain sense of smugness that accompanies the holder of a secret, do you not agree? I've found a website (http://sixbillionsecrets.org) which is fantastic, if a little depressing. Go on to this website, and browse a few pages. Some (the glinting, precious jewels which have to be grabbed and clutched close to the heart) are wonderful tales of love, friendship and happiness. This really inspires hope in even te most cynical of readers. These secrets are the ones I covet, to remind myself that no matter how bad it gets, there is always going to be someone worse off than myself, even if I think I do see the end of the world looming on the horizon...sometimes, I don't even need secrets. I just console myself with the fact that if the world were really to end tomorrow, then Australia would've called and let us know. I mean, come on...GMT was not put in place for nothing. Common sense is required here. Anyway, I digress yet again (I could make a living out of this as well! So many pointless career opportunities, so little time...), the vast majority of secrets on this website (http://sixbillionsecrets.org in case you missed it the first time...but I suppoe you could just scroll up. Ah never mind, I'm on a roll here; if I stop, I will SHUT. DOWN.) are sad, sad stories of lonely individuals with nothing else to turn to, other than a website who can offer a brief shoulder to cry on. For the record, I would just like to say that if the user Amber-Michelle is reading this by some miracle, then your post really made me smile :) as long as you can see what's beautiful about yourself, there's no stopping you. Go for the world!

Remember everyone, that even though we can't predict the future, nor control it, Australia will always let us know what's round the corner...they find out a day before us, remember? I shall leave you with that sentiment, and bid you farewell. Good night, my lonesome followers, good night :)

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