03 September, 2010

Is it really all about the confidence?

It's easy for me to sit here now, with my Chupa Chups Bubblegum (Tutti Frutti flavour, of course), and say to you that difference is good. Because it is! In theory...when you're by yourself with no-one around. It only gets harder when people start getting involved. Ah, people; you either love them or hate them. Like Marmite, but unfortunately, you can't spread them on your toast. People, especially people my age (were you really surprised?) can be really cruel! If there's soemthing about you that strays from the norm, they are all over it like bloodhounds; usually, yes, it is only insecure people that do it...this does NOT make it any easier to bare! For heaven's sake. I have new school shoes (mucho excitemundo). They're dark grey distressed leather brogues (I think) and I like them! The only problem is that when every other girl opts for the plain black pump for school, you tend to stick out. They may not be the most subtle shoe, but I do like them. However, getting mercilessly pounded for everything I'm ''doing wrong'' (a.k.a everything) does get boring. I wish I could blend in just enough to retain some of my originality. It wouldn't be being true if I said that I wanted to be like everyone else; truth be told, I could think of nothing worse really. But sometimes I wish I was more...ah...conspicuous! Yes, that's the word. I want to fuse into the hum-drum crowd of my peers enough to deflect all probing comments/bitchy looks/petty giggles (take your pick), but I want...nay, NEED, to keep my individuality to remind myself who I am. It's not enough to have the confidence to stride into school and embrace the onslaught of abuse with open arms anymore people. You need to take a stand, and instead of fighting against the stereotype, you need to make people see why you're being individual, why you're being different. Then maybe more people in the world will be like you. That would make things a lot easier, do you not agree? I will be honest here, I wish everyone had my point of view, as I am so utterly convinced that I AM right, all the time. You may not agree, but then again, you're all wrong.

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