24 October, 2010


I do apologise for the slightly disjointed and rambling posts down there (again with the lack of the down arrow! I can't violate the V in that way. I know some things are better when used in odd ways but not a letter. Never in it's whole career as a letter has V ever even been considered to become a down arrow option. No, I can't do it.), but I thought that I'd treat you to a little bit of history of Me. It's a good subject, I can tell you almost everything you need to know. In fact, my next post shall be an ''All About Me'' post, slightly overdue. Oh well, never mind. Better late than never at all, and Never too late for something that matters and other such cliches. Ooh, I do love a good cliche, don't you? Right, three posts done. Off to see Despicable Me, may include a review later, if it's really bad. I love ripping into bad things, good tihngs are no fun. You can't comment on anything. Damn. FML. Goodbye!

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