26 October, 2010

Big City Dreams.

I went to London today! I actually went out and did something! It feels good; public transport ftw! Phew. But it made me think, as purely random and strange things often do. London is such a historical, thriving, alive kind of a place. I can understand why people love it, you never feel alone, and there's a constant hive of activity that no other city, certainly not in the UK to my knowledge, really possesses. The thing is, by stark contrast, Newbury is a glum, stick-in-the-mud-type town in the middle of nowhere and it gets tiring after a while because everyone knows everyone and ''they don't like trespassers''. (NB: That last sentence has to be said with a Somerset infliction. As does the word 'Somerset'). Newbury starts to gt on my nerves after a few minutes spent in it's centre, and god, the history teachers in my school? Every single lesson, they find some way to relate whatever the topic was to Newbury and its ever long history which just sucks all the life and fun out of History to be frank. Oh sorry, did I just said 'sucks all the life and fun out of History'? I must be mistaken. Sorry- it saps whatever minimal interest I may have possessed in the first place (debatable really) completely out of it. Sucked straight out of the window in a long stream, glittering with potential. For the love of Amsterdam, I now sound like a PSHE teacher; everyone has the power to be different, but some people choose *insert meaningful glance at poor, random student here* not to use that power.

Urgh. This post, I have just realised, probably like a lot of my other posts, (deja-vu), does not make any sense whatsoever. Never mind, have I told you how many page views I have?!

As I have probably mentioned, I went to London today, and once we (we being my Dad, my little Brother and I) had got off at Paddington, we took the tube to Oxford Street. Yes, the big street with the old-fashioned houses holding new-fashioned shops. It's amazing to be perfectly honest, the way it all just seems to fit. One thing I was paticularly transfixed by was, indeed, the Apple Store in Regent Street. Woohoo! I think we (the three of us) all knew as soon as we went in there what we had to do. I had to track down all the available MacBooks (and any variations upon the theme), and subtly and discreetly broadcast my Daddy's blog over all of them. If any of you want it, it is http://www.thepropertyspeculator.co.uk, and it's really rather good. My Dad, on the other hand, was men tally princing up an Apple Lifestyle, whilst my brother (blog= http://thepowerofthecrimp.blogspot.com in case you haven't already got it. Encourage him to continue with it! Please) hankered over the ridiculously expensive but admittedly very, very shiny laptops. I posted photos of the day on Twitter, and we went to some really brilliant places; The City (in which I aspire to work someday. Please, God, please!), St. Paul's Cathedral, Regent and Oxford Street, and not to mention Berkeley Square, which was beyond epic. I saw the Gherkin, and the Bank of England, as well as numerous shops and gorgeous, gorgeous townhouses.

I think London is, quite frankly, a wonderful and inspiring place, unlike Newbury and Thatcham which suck all of your life/ambition/hope/potential steadily. But I am too powerful to do that. I shall fight against the masses and become great, then someday I shall live in London. Ahhh, BigCityDreams.

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