24 October, 2010

Freedom of speech.

As I sit here, pounding away at my keyboard like a monkey being told to write the full works of Shakespear in Mongolian on a typewriter, I can't help but think; why am I so brave on my blog? And on MSN? And MyFace, FriendFace, TwitFace, BookSpace etc. Is it because no-one can see my face? Because once the words are out there, hopefully their deep philosophical (ha. Not really, philosophy is overrated. You don't have to think to be clever...no, actually, that's a lie) messages will make whoever I'm insulting this time reconsider before twisting my face off at the ears? I don't know, but I wish I did. Actually, I wish I could conveniently loose the power of speech whenever it mattered, and instead have whiteboards for hands and marker pens for fingers. Hmm, that would actually be slightly strange. And also, I couldn't type then, could I? Ahh...silly Beth. Pah. But I wish I could be braver in real life, and say the things that I need to say. I'd feel so much better. On the downside, I couldn't continue with this blog really. Try to imagine yourself saying any of the things you really, powerfully wanted to to whoever you wanted to say it to...if that made any sense. I wish I could, it's just so much easier. I hate being so wary of what 'might/could/possibly/maybe' happen, I should practice as I preach and be able to (without the risk of sounding like a Northerner- oops, more racism? No. It isn't, because they aren't a different race. Technically, we're all human) ''speak as I find''. By that, I mean that if someone annoys me, or says something I strongly disagree with, I would like to find the courage to speak up and tell them so. I have a lot of principles, many of which (as I'm sure you've probably guessed) I feel very strongly about, and by not presenting them when challenged, it feels like a sell-out. I hate feeling like I'm selling out my beliefs. This bizarre, ludicrous, odd notion that people who are truly worth your time should be able to guess what you're thinking and go from there...well, it doesn't have much basis. I could have no fingers and still be able to count on them right now all of the people I know who know that I have something to say to them, or that I ever have. It annoys me when other people do this; it breaks me right down when I do it. I'm setting myself (and therefore you lot; I think of you as my brainchildren; you read the ramblings, you are One Of...well, I can't really say 'Us', can I? Grr. By reading this insane blog, you are One Of Me. Mwahahahaha...and so on, and so forth...) a challenge. If someone says something I disagree with, or says or does something that irritates me, I shall speak up and let them know so. Please, please follow suit. And besides, you've always got a back-up plan! If that person is tempted to shove an iron bar through your head, spearing both your temples cleanly through the middle, show them this blog. And then I can just deny, and run. Two of my hobbies nowadays. Good luck!

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