24 October, 2010

Reasons why.

In my last post (down there-ish, somewhere. I don't know how to gesture it accurately! There's no DOWN arrow! There's an up (^) and there's a left and right (<> respectively) but there's no down. oh, I suppose there's a V. But it's just not the same!) I had said that I had had (woo! Double word!) to move schools from my ''best friend''. This is because when I was born, my Dad was in the RAF. Ikr! It's very exciting. For the better part of my life since then (if you halve almost fourteen I guess), I've been what is colloquially referred to as an 'RAF Kid'. I am not a goat...let me explain. For example, my boyfriend's Dad drives Lorries, and the family go to Truck fests. This make my boyfriend and his little brothers 'Truck Kids', I suppose. Oh, I don't know. BUT ANYWAY, moving on before I get a headache. Yeah, I was an RAF Kid, which meant I got to live wherever my Dad was posted. This happened more in the earlier years rather than more recently. I was born in the Midlands, in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. One month later, we moved to Wiltshire (Calne), and seven months after we moved to Benson in Oxfordshire. After that, we moved back to Wiltshire (Lyneham). Eight months later we moved to Burghfield for three years, and then onto Thatcham in Newbury, which is where I am now. All of these places aside from the last one were RAF Bases. RAF Benson, RAF Lyneham and the RAF Estate in Burghfield which I didn't mind. The houses were largely were nice, (with the notable exception of Lyneham. Google-Map it, it was traumatic) and the community was lovely as well. Me and me brother made friends with the children, my Mum made friends with the women (and men, as well. See?! Check on my PC-ness), my Dad made friends (usually whilst he was away) with the other guys in the RAF. It was nice. But then when we were in Burghfield, my Dad came out of the RAF and went into Property Surveying. This subsequently meant our move to a 'proper' house, where we are now. It was nice. But in all that time, I had been going to school obviously, and most of the children in the area we lived went to the same school as me, so of course we made friends. We moved to Thatcham, because it was the easiest way to get to school, because my parents really didn't want to uproot us again. I didn't mind the longer commute, but when the time came for me to move to 'Big School', I couldn't go on to the one in Burghfield, the one where everyone else was going. It was too difficult to get me there and back everyday, and we already relied largely on the Before-and-After school clubs provided. The Big School in Burghfield had no such provisions, to onto NewburySchool it was! We looked around St. Bart's, and Park House (I had a lucky escape) and ended up going for the better option, but that still meant I had to leave all my friends behind. This is a shame, and of course I have MSN and I can text them, but it isn't the same. A lot of them have lost interest now, especially HER. So onwards and upwards. Besides, the friends I have here are MUCH better.

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