05 October, 2010

There's a lot to be said for staying the same.

Hello again; I fear that my blog is becoming something of a stranger to me, which I really don't want to be happening because that would not fit in with my plans of world-domination through educating people. Oh well, one step at a time, starting with posting MORE things.

I was thinking earlier...because that's what I do...about how strange people can become as they get older. This is due to many things- getting older, as I just said, peer pressure (oh how I do detest that sentiment), or just the need to be different. I have begun to slide ever so gradually into the stereotype of a normal teenager- moody, insolent and antisocial. I promised myself it wouldn't happen, but it has. And I regret it. However, all hope is not lost! I have retained some elements from my childhood which keep me more-or-less grounded...the want to wear unnecessary amounts of jewellery at any one time, the habit of talking FAR too fast- which, Mothaaaaar and Fathaaaaar, I can't help! I have so many ideas whirling about my fevered, enthused brain that talking simply isn't sufficient. Be thankful, I'm encasing it all neatly within cyberspace- as well as the old idiosyncrasies of questioning everything put before me (literally and figuratively...oh yeah, check me out right?) and skipping. Oh how I love to skip- both an enjoyable act and an efficient method of travel. Could you possibly want for more?

But I digress. I regret not staying the same, for being too easily moulded into the average shape of a teenager. Wearing makeup, caring about what I wear, minding too much about what other people think? My personality does not, however, comply with that of the average teen, or so I am told. I am quiet, moody, thoughtful and introversial. I'm proud of these labels, they give me a sense of purpose. My goal is to be a girl who is excactly who she wants to be, and I think I'm halfway there. IF, for example, someone approached you in the road, and asked you to change, would you agree? Of course not...but at school, it's much more subtle. Someone does not directly ask you to change, you divulge that information from the hints that they drop. If someone comments falsely on an item of clothing, you know that it does not have their approval. If they laugh at your hair or makeup, then you know what to do next time; apply ONLY foundation to every part of your face, including your hairline, jawline and lips, with a spade.

Just to be absolutely clear, I do NOT condone this level of desperation to fit in. Who wants to be a sheep? I'd rather be a goat, thanks. But I fear I am starting to get white curly fur...no, not literally, use some sense! Metaphorically, for heaven's sake. Yes, I do not want to slip into the massed ranks of the unknown, the production-liners. This would be being dishonest to myself, and to everyone who loves me for me. Me is, as I am sure I have said before, a nice enough person. Honestly...

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