17 November, 2010

Behold! The blog of a traitor...and The Wave

I feel so guilty for what I'm about to say, but I think that the unforgiveable has happened...I'm warming to the new school! Scarecly two weeks into the new routine (albeit feeling like two years...) and I'm already streetwise (Hub wise?) and finding the new routine easier. It's because, I keep telling myself, I'm able to walk to each place with ease, and the routine makes each day seem shorter. But as I pass the old, dilapadated (or is it just me?) buildings each day, I can't help thinking that my soul has been taken by the clinical, sterile, gleaming school. I don't feel the same gutting remorse, the acute, burning injustice, looking towards Luker now, as I did then. After only two weeks, I'm settled. The teachers are still the same, the lessons are still the same...only, now it holds more allure because there are shiny new classrooms to attend and there's the added thrill of finding out that someone you know or like is having a lesson just across the hall from you, so you can wave discreetly to each other from both sets of thick glass doors, and the big industrial carpeted breakout space. Oh god, what's happening to me? I should go and lie on the glorious, grass-roofed panels and let my traitorous tears cascade romantically down the glass walls.

Now! In other news, next Wednesday, I've decided to become a member of the Hitler Youth for a day. To any of you who may be reading this and feel offended, please accept my apologies as I compell you to read on; hands up who has ever heard of The Wave? Right. That makes...no-one. At all. Phew, OK. Right, in 1961, there was a teacher from CA who decided it would be a good idea to teach his senior History class just how powerful the Nazi party could be; he made an organisation called The Wave, which came with a salute, and mottoes (''Strength Through Disipline, Strength Through Community''), which the members had to perform every time they saw the teacher. This also included exemplary unifrom, impeccable behaviour and respect for all the teachers, at all times. In my English class, we've just finished reading a Book Based On..., which today we finished (of course, I'd read ahead and finished it myself the second lesson in. Oh yeah, high-five for intellect). Our teacher gave us the task of coming up with a few creative ideas of which to assess our knowledge of the book and it's characters at the end of the unit. There were such suggestions as makinga short film, writing a newspaper article, making a dramatisation, hotseating the characters and doing quotation hunts in the book. My suggestion? Become a Nazi for the day. Which, I hasten to add, I'm allowed to do BUT none of my other teachers know, or any of my fellow students (aside from those in my English class). For one day, and one day only, (Next Wednesday, 24-11-10) I have to wear my uniform absolutely spotlessly, stand up and give short, concise answers in every lesson and enounciate clearly and sharply to everyone I happen to come across. Tally-ho, this should be fun. So NOW, I'm going to become a member of the Hitler Youth (not really...) for one day, in order to develop my understanding and empathy with the characters in the book. I shall then proceed to write a report at the end of the day, on teacer's reactions and how much it would've surprised them. I'll also post updates on this old thing, because this experiment is going to be rather interesting...

I shall speak to you merry lot in a few days' time. Goodnight, my friends! :)

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