03 November, 2010

More blog feedback, and more pontification.

Right, well. It's been a few days (I think. I can't keep up nowadays, I just post when I feel like it, which is admittedly often) since my last post, and in that time I've also been checking my Stats (woohoo!) and spreading the word; I want as many people as possible to read my thoughts and meaningless chirping. Oh I do enjoy making you lot think. Thinking is so underrated these days, there's not very much to think about really. We've got machines to think for us nowadays, so we don't overexert ourselves. Waha! Anyway.

I love it when I check my stats (every morning, religiously. About the only thing I am meticulous about, really.) because I'm able to see how many people have checked out which posts, at whatever time. Which means that I am in turn able to see what the most popualr topics are, that you guys like. Which in turn in turn means that hopefully I'll pull in more pageviews :)
I have vaguely asked around friends, telling them to go on my blog, and then getting feedback, all of which has been surprisingly positive. Some of them have even spread it round- my hopes are that it becomes viral, I have a lot to teach the human race, and you have a lot to learn from me.

Ahhhhhh. Another thing I love is thinking. I don't do it very much, only when I'm back in my humble wooden chair pounding mercilessly away at my keyboard. Wahoo. No, that does mean I don't think in school either. Most of the teachers don't notice, bless their little cottons.
Pfft. I've been thinking that recently, for whatever reason, I've been noticing more and more people protesting that they dislike their lifestyle/are dissatisfied with some aspect of themselves etc. and I can't help but think, from an outsider's perspective, why don't you do something then> That comment was obviously just vanity, because I do not believe for a second that you really despise yourself enough to change. In fact, I think that you only do it to vouch sympathy. Do you (yes, you. Yes, YOU) dislike yourself? Are you plagued with unexpected wishes to be somebody else? Really? I don't think so. Because if you were really that fed up, you'd be crying. In a ditch. Near Leeds. You would not have a laptop with internet connection, you would probably not even know this blog adress. You most CERTAINLY not would be reading it, probably crying into the dirt.

Don't take your life and yourself in vain. You like you just the way you are. Face it. And once you do, half the battle's won. Goodnight.

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