04 November, 2010

Stuff I hate.

I don't know why, but lying in my lonesome bed last night, pondering the myths of the universe, I somehow ended up compiling a mental list of things thst really rile me. You know, there are just some things that cause you to clench your jaw and narrow your eyes, both at once if it's especially bad. So I thought I'd make a list of what causes ME to do the aforementioned actions. The ones I REALLY hate will be in bold (because I'm just that efficient, you see), and I'm going to do what I sometimes do and encourage you to tweet at me (WisdomOfBeth on Twitter, remember!) with what YOU hate. I'll give you a week, and then I'll put up a revised post of what everyone else hates too. Thank you! Let's begin...
I hate:

Backstabbing people- they'll pretend to be your friend and either use you or at the last minute spread some horrible gossip about you that you've been stupid enough to confide in with them.

Gossiping people- they bounce up to you all gleeful and say, 'Oh! Guess what so and so did last week/night/month/year'. It's just not right. We have Facebook for that.

People who want you to change- they make it clear that they don't like you for you, and they want you to be more like them. It's a shame really, that they're the ones who need to change if they don't like you for you.

Teachers- some of them are the diamonds in the rough, they're shining strars. Most of them let the side down and are horrible, mean, pedantic, patronising, and uniform-Nazi's.

Fake people- they're so unreal they aren't even human. All this fake, fake, fake. And for what?! So people will fall in love with the make-up, and the slutty clothes? No. No way.

School- it's unrelentless! Everyday you are forced into cruel seven-hour periods with people you hate. It's not the learning, that I'm good at. It's the people I have to learn WITH.





Bonfire Toffee (Cinder Toffee)


Really, really dark chocolate

Greasy hair


Too many piercings

Really untidy places

When it's just finished raining and the Sun comes out, because it's really warm but the ground is soaking wet


Being ill

People I love dying

Or being ill

Or hurting me

Or hurting themselves

Or lying

Or repeatedly having their hearts broken

Hurting myself

Embarassing myself


Cheap flowers

Fake tears

Bad poetry

Bad novels

People who describe themselves as 'mental'

People who feel the need to labour a point into submission (putting a drawing pin in with a sledgehammer)

I can't really think of anything else at the moment. Please, please, please Tweet me, because I want to know what you guys hate as well. It can be anything; clothing, types of people, social situations, food, anything! But please, no racism. It's not big, or clever. Not cool!

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