11 November, 2010

Stuff WE hate.

This past week, I have been very hard at work, collecting people's pet hates and gathering them all, like a mystical elf gathering dew drops...without the pointy ears and curly shoes (not my bag). So here it is, what YOU all said you hated...

Racists- this is a paticular favourite, a lot of you said that you hated their attitude and their frame of mind, and to be honest, I can't really blame you...

Abusers- people who loash out and take out whatever negative moods they happen to be enduring.

Cheaters- it's the dishonesty and the feeling of loosing out, and the injustice that I think got you lot riled.

Two-faced people- can you trust them? Yes, every second Tuesday of the alternative months, and Feburary the 29th.

People who judge based on something they know nothing about- otherwise known as ignorance, or discrimination which admittedly is annoying.

Bad grammar/spelling- surely if you've taken the time to communicate with me in such a way other than talking, you can summon the energy to spell properly? Misspelling is not 'faster', you were taught the correct spelling at school, it should be instantaneous to your brain.

Liars- again, you can't trust them. It's pathetic, really.

Being labelled- it's a lot nicer to just...be. Rather than have a label that you have to adhere to darkening your horizon, just be what you want, when you want. Be something different everyday if you like :)

Boring, mainstream people- OK, these people you will find are usually very insecure and are scared of thinking for themselves in case they get it wrong, so they find that they can skip along with the herd and not have to think.

Closure work- we got loads on the days we missed from school. The teachers set us work 'accurate to an hour's lesson'. We never do that much work in a lesson! Wtf?

School- the monotony grinds you down into little, tiny pieces...

MFL teachers- a race of human beings whot hink that whatever rules apply to the rest of society, do not coincide with their lives. Pfft...

Tiredness- there's nothing worse than being so tired you can't properly function.

Hangovers- personally, I've never experienced such a thing, but I've always known them to be rough, horrid things :D

Fake people- underneath all that makeup and plastic clothing is a very lovely person, I'm sure.

Cheese- urgh! The taste is disgusting, so bitter.

Socks and sandals- so, you're cold enough to wear socks, but warm enough so you can wear sandals? What? Sandals let your feet 'breathe', which they fail to do through the middleman that is a sock.

Show-offs- you can do 30 whatever in under a minute? Good for you! I don't care...and neither does the general public, so toddle off home.

Whoever asked this dumbass question- oh, haha, very witty.

Never Shout Never- ah, they're not to everyone's tastes. But then again, everyone is WRONG.

Guitar strings/drum sticks breaking- I'm sure it would disrupt (at the very least) a practice or a gig you were partaking in, which could get annoying.

Drinking apple juice straight after brushing your teeth- ooooh. It tastes strange, and unfamiliar. Brain meltdown!! The same goes for Orange Juice, Coffee, and most food....

Being ill- although you get a day or two away from die schule (see School), it hampers pretty much whatever you want to do.

Being away from my girlfriend- ahhhhh! This is sweet! I feel the same, sometimes...when my heart works.

Spiders- they're just so...menacing! They dart everywhere, they don't do a slow, organised stroll so's to give you more time to catch the little so-and-so's. Meanies...

Vegetables- oh, to be five again...

Cold/rainy/windy weather- I'm skipping this one because to be honest, I like the aforementioned weather.

GSCE's- at the moment, a mere inky stain on the horizon of my life, soon to eclipse everything I do.

Small spaces- people tend to panic when they are confined, granted. We do take freedom for granted an awful lot.

The Tube in rush hour- so you're deep Underground, packed inside a rickety, speeding train, squashed in a hot, smelly, BO-fragrenced carriage. What's not to like?

The dark- so many things could be lurking out of your sight, ready to GET YOU.

Marmite- Ew ew ew. Sorry to be so juvenile but it really is skin-crawlingly disgusting.

Flees- they hope onto your skin and suck your blood. Mmm. Yummy.

Coriander- unnessecarily bitter. Maybe it got jilted harshly?

Curry- they either make it too spicy, or use the stringiest, oldest, mankiest bits of meat that it's possible to legally use in an eating establishment.

Lamb- meat is not supposed to taste of mint.

Roast beef- I agree that it is a lot stringier and fattier than chicken.

Heights- I think that it's the fear of falling into oblivion for about a minute before you hit the ground with your final sickening crunch.

Scarlett Johansson- look at her lips! Silly lips.

People that shop at Westfields- or, my own personal elaboration, many London shopping centres. The people seem to take off their manners, fold them up and place them delicately, like little cling-film sheets, by the sliding automatic (or revolving, depending on how far you've come in life) doors.

Rush hour people- ahh! I'm a loose cannon who's boss is going to string me up by the corners of my eyelids if I don't shove past you, steal your space on the Tube with reckless abandon and talk very loudly into my plastic little headset.

Strange, unidentified noises when you're trying to get to sleep- really? Do you really require expansion?

People who leave trolleys in awkward places- allow me to explain with a story. A few years ago, my Mum and I braved the hellish, milirtary-trained Saturday Shoppers (with CAPITALS) at a local Tesco's. Halfway down the bread aisle (and fighting tooth and nail every inch of the way), we can across a trolley parked at such an angle as to cause maximum upset and aisle gridlock. My Mum, a recipent of Trolley Rage, spat ''Who let that trolley in such a flaming stupid place?''. Who indeed...but the woman behind her. Woo! We insulted a stranger!

Maz pulling her nails- my cat has learnt a trick that she does only when my Mother enters the room (probably deilberately, she's a horrible cat really :L don't listen to my parents, she really is the Spawn of Satan. I swear), when she roughly pulls- with her teeth- the skin between each of her claws on the front paws, making a delightful snapping sound. OMNOMNOM.

Driving in the snow- we're your tires. Today, in lieu of the recent snowfall, we've decided that NO! We will not take the conventional (and some may say, safer) route, but instead pick the Black Ice road. The only road in the entire country, probably, with no natural light.

Snow and Ice- It looks pretty, but hurts like hell.

Spots- there is no point to them, they are completely unnessecary, and what's more they make you look about seven.

Working on the weekend- weekends are freedom! They spell lie-ins, no office politics, and no FOCUS required. Working on the weekends is probably against the Geneva Convention or something.

MillHill- a place where my poor auntie is working flat out currently, she says she can never go there again. Ever.

People who follow fashion religiously- the magazine is a Bible. Kate Moss is Jesus. Victoria Beckham is God. My, what a dull way to live your life.

Abbie Titmuss- what's she good for? Really?

Hollyoaks- on a par with The Jeremy Kyle Show, pointless, mind-numbing mush.

XFactor- see Hollyoaks.

Jedward- see Abbie Titmuss.

Go Compare adverts- it does not make me want to go onto your cleverly devised comparison website. It makes me want to shoot the ''Opera Singer'', then bleach my mind.

Cooked carrots- don't ask me, ask my auntie.

Parsnips- see Cooked carrots.

People who friend-dump you for no reason- it starts with a blanking, then a few missed phonecalls, then escalates dramatically from there. It's stupid, and annoying.

Children who steal my socks- this, a paticularly poignant controibution from my dear Mother, who hates my brother and I stealing her socks, and positively explodes when we give the standard excuse, radiating innocence, "Well, they were in my washing pile, so there".

Unnessecary swearing- it really isn't big or clevver, it just makes you sound uneducated.

People who own MacBooks or iBooks- this, my friends, is just pithy jealousy, I'm afraid. Still, can't be without it!

This is what you lot hate, so please go on to feel significantly enlightened. Also, why will no-one TwitterStalk me? I have loads of pageviews, yet only 12 followers :/

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