07 November, 2010

You can take my pride; but you cannae take my freedom!

I have school tomorrow! No! It's all very well going there for a couple of hours on Friday to slag it off to my parents and friends, but the prospect of almost an entire week is too daunting to fully contemplate. I hate it. I hate this school with all the passion, hatred and total emotion in my body. By the end of this week, I will be brainwashed and I will not know the meaning of freedom. You may think I'm being dramatic, but you just try and get a good look at the school :'| it's awful. It really is. I'm praying that the harsh English weather kicks in pretty soon because it looks like a gust of wind could blow the blessed thing away. This is awful, I don't know how my school swept so low. Sometimes this breaks my heart, because I remember how homely and welcoming the olds chool was, in comparison to this cold, unforgiving stucco excuse for a learning establishment. I'll have to work extra hard tomorrow to make my uniform stay in place- I understand that the faculty want to make a fresh start, that they need to set a predecent, to send a clear message; but they're going overboard on some of the proposed punishments.

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