23 December, 2010

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I attempt to define ''Love''.

Right-o, love. Well, if you're reading this, don't get mad at my potentially pathetic and very, very wrong definition; but in my humble opinion (or, IMHO if you will), love is something totally different to each person. I mean, some people see it as life-changing, some see it as painful, and others...well, others see it as cash, but let's not go down that road for now. Or ever.

But, even though I'm a cynical old bag, I believe in love; I'm also quite old-fashioned at heart, in that I think 'saving yourself until marriage' is quite a respectable thing to do. I'm not saying everyone should do it, and I myself don't even want to think about whether I will or not, not at this age, but I'd cheer anyone on that managed it. Celibacy is very underrated, sometimes it is nice to save yourself and your body for the person that you're sure will fill your heart and feel your pain; it's like giving them the last little piece of you that no-one else has and no-one will again. But lets stear away from these waters, shall we?

If I had an unlimited amount of words at my disposal to describe love, it would go something like this: Look at every emotion and adjective in the dictionary.
Love is big and tall and wide; it fills your mind, heart, body and soul if the person you think about is the one special enough to minorly possess your body.
Love can be small, thin and short; to fit in a corner of your mind anywhere you go, because someone really special that got away will have a habit of doing that, you know.
It's beautiful, sparkling, captivating, amazing, dazzling, blinding, and fuzzy; because every single person in the world has a heart (honestly, I swear...), and each of the 6.6bill (average) people involved will, at some point, feel all of these things at once. It swells up inside your head, relentlessly pounding on your temples until you feel like you'er about to burst with the sheer amount of feeling that's going on. But you don't, believe me. Your body decides to stick in there and subject you to this lot.
It can be ugly, dull, difficult, painful, boring or even scary; it makes you do or think stupid stuff, makes you a lot more sensitive and a lot more paranoid, but all the same, it's worth it.

If you've ever been in love, and you disagree with this, don't go telling me I'm wrong. I'm not wrong; to me, love is everything. Love can be nothing, and every time I think of the person concerned (an awful lot), my heart will start some form of dancing. Whether it chooses an upbeat 'boogie' or opts for a more sombre Charleston depends purely upon the circumstance.
But anyway.

So, just think about love. To me, love and my boyfriend are everything at the moment; I'm only fourteen (oh joy), but you don't have tob e a grown-up to know what love is. I'd happily stake my life on the fact that whatever I feel towards said boyfriend is pretty real. It tears me up at the worst of times, but other than that, it makes the moon eclipse and circle round my heart :)

To my boyfriend: I love you. Those three words make up nine months' memories, arguements, tears and laughs. Just know that I'd never swap you for the world. You are my world, after all.

That's all, folks!

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