26 December, 2010

Old things.

I've just been re-reading my blog whilst listening to Sub Focus and Last Planet on Spotify. It's pretty good, but the post I picked at random just happened to be the one on October the 26th, excactly two months before this very date. I just thought I would stop, take stock and reassess my situation.
OK. So, I'm now slightly older, slightly more mature (mmm, believe it if you want to), and two months further in my relationship. I was still at the old school, hating the new school and looking forward to Bonfire Night and my Birthday. Now, Christmas has just passed and I'm looking towards the Cottage- Warming party that I'm going to with Dad and Brother on the 29th (Theme- old 70's sitcom), and New Year's Eve.
Speaking of which, my New Year's resolution is to run every day, starting New Year's Day, no matter how awful I feel, or whether I'm doing something 'important'. I want to run the cross-country at Sport's Day, you see; and I want to come in places 1-4, out of eight of us. I must've mentioned before the ridiculous sporting hierarchy implemented by the ludicrous female P.E staff. This will give me a chance to prove myself, someone from the bottom group (gasp!) might actually, possibly, maybe perhaps win it. And to prove to myself that I'm going to STICK to this pledge, I'm posting it on my blog. So you guys will have to remind me, support me and cheer me on...or not.

Some day, I will be good at something. Not just something academic, I will be good at something; I will be fit, and sporty, and I will have chosen a sport, or an active hobby that I will be good at. I might enter competitions, I might win competitions, who knows?
I decided this when I was watching BBC Sports' Personality of the Year a week ago; beforehand, I'd never had much interest in most sports. I'm not saying I've snapped overnight and I'm suddenly a fitness fanatic (shudder. Oh God, NO), but I'm saying that I wish I could be good at something and show it. And not just use my vastly superior intellect and killing wit to get to where I want to be in life. I don't HAVE to be good at sports, but I'm sick of complaining about being mistreated for not being good at sports; complaining never did any good (to my knowledge. But then, what I know could be written on the back of one eighth of a postage stamp to be fair), and I quite fancy the idea of being good and sporty-fresh.
Ahh well.
A girl can try.

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