26 December, 2010


First of all, Merry Christmas to you all; I hope you had a nice day, and hopefully are still having a good time!
Being the ridiculously spoilt girl that I am, I did get quite a few presents, most of which I centrainly don't deserve to be honest; but then again, I'm not saying take them back! So here we go, I shall now write a list of everything that I got :)
Chocolate & Vanilla Bath Salt and Hand Cream from Esme.
A dark green satchel with 'Soviet' on it from Kiera.
Bright red lipgloss from Kiera.
Chocolate box thingy from Charles' parents.
Percy Pig piggy bank and Percy Pigs from Charles.
Dove shower gel gift set from Charles.
Strawberry lip balm from Charles.
Silver heart keyring from Charles.
Silver photoframe from Charles.
Fluffy pink socks from Charles.
Blink-182 greatest hits from Charles.
Blink-182 ticket for the O2 from the Blundy clan.
A beautiful Jack Wills dress from my Auntie and...Uncle?
Spotty leggings and a hat box (?) from Auntie Bernard.
A gorgeous hand-knitted scarf from my godmother.
WHSmiths giftcard from Auntie Morsey and Uncle Jerrsey (pronounced J-air-see).
Roxy T-Shirt from the Lambourn clan.
Hideously sour and addictive sweets from the Lambourn clan.
Reese's Pieces nail polish that smells like peanut butter when it dries.
A Snuggie (technically a Slanket) from my brother :)
A full length mirror from my Parents :)
Clinique 'happy' perfume and moisturiser from my Parents :)
A Ducti bag from my Parents :)
An epic Pussycat dress from my Parents :)
A Day To Remember- What Separates You From Me CD from my Parents :)
Just Listen and The Truth About Forever books by Sarah Dessen from my Parents :)
Blink-182 Greatest Hits CD from my Parents :)
LOADS of Body Shop stuff from my Parents :)
Three pairs of knee-high socks from my Parents :)
Lovely makeup from my Parents :)
Lee Trafford 'Violent Violet' hair colour from my Parents :)
Terry's Chocolate Orange from my Parents :)
Golden coins from my Parents :)
A BIG Hazlenut Quality Street from my Parents :)
Cadbury's Selection Box from my Parents :)
A Gumball machine from my Parents :)
I think I've probably missed lots of stuff out, but those are the only things I can think of for now; I'm so ridiculously spoilt, yes, I know :D
But I'm also worth it ;)
Now, I'm going to go and enjoy my post-Christmas glow. Thank you, and goodday.

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