04 December, 2010

Selective anti-socialism.

Everybody nowadays is maintaining that us Merrie Teens are nothing but moody, rude and impolite. Hey, hang on! Woah there, chill! Wooooaaaahhhhh...no. Were not. So SHURRAAAP. I am a teenager [as I hope you will have known by now]...and I'm writing a blog. Not just a private, for-my-eyes-only major whinge-fest, but a public blog. That means it's public. For you lot, the Public, to read. And, judging by my blog stats [yeah baby, yeah], you seem to like it. So...I'll continue. Yes, everyone seems to think that we do nothing but hole up in our rooms, moaning at the walls. It's not true! I'm not anti-social at all, I'm writing a public blog, in case that didn't sink in the first time; I also text incessantly (if I have credit, that is), and I have MSN, Twitter and Hotmail. These aren't just for my friends, either, I do talk to strangers, I do, I do! No, thats a lie, I don't; that would be slightly wrong and more than slightly stupid. And anyway, anti-social just means you don't talk to people; lecturing us on the ways that we do talk to people is slightly pedantic. It was my Mum texting at the table this morning at breakfast, and it was my Dad walking around in a trance with his 'Crack'Berry last weekend in Reading. So you see, I'm not entirely at fault here. It's not fair that, just because I happen to be fourteen years old, and prone to sarcasm and moodiness maybe a little more often that is strictly necessary, I'm pinpointed when I dare to text just once more after I've been told not to; disappearing and not giving the people I'm talking to any warning...now THAT is being anti-social.

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