10 December, 2010

Smile, or I'll get the callipers.

First things first, before I get inundated with non-existant comments about how calipers are devices used to measure the two opposing sides of an object and have no relation whatsoever to any facial feature, be it one expressing happiness or a positive emotion, or the opposite. No, I don't care, it just sounded good, and I felt like using the word. OK? So ssshhhh...
This blog has lapsed (through no fault of your own, so don't go blaming yourselves...) into a state of abandonment and is saturated with self-pity, so I think we need a pick-up. Well, I certainly do, to remind myself why I am actually sticking around to watch my life get run into the ground by a talking hippo with a magic, psychic machine-gun than can blast the Delta galaxies around the furthest realms of the Universe (I am right, it is a capital U, right? Like it's God...?). But yes, I digress (and that was intentional, Miss, so you can shut it as well) yet again, and I shall drag your wandering, minute (I always misread that word) attention back to the topic of the blog post of which I've wasted eleven-and-a-bit lines on already. Pfft. Yes, you may or may not (either way, it makes no difference to me) remember that a while back, I made a post entitled 'Stuff I hate' or something similar, followed a week later (or probably even later than that, I'm bad at time-keeping. It's currently fifteen-past-eighty-one on a Sunday twilight. Come live in my world!) by 'Stuff we hate', in which I had a week to collect the opinions of everyone else around me, and ask what they hated. So, I thought I'd attempt the same thing (for some reason, that last phrase took me an age and a half to type, I kept typing my 's' words as 'th' words. God help me, I've developed a computeral (?) lisp! Stick that, Bill Gates. Yeah.) in my next blog post, which I'm sure you can click on once i've done it in that informative side-bar thingy down heeeeeeerreee....---------------------------------------------------------------------------|>
Have fun, friends!

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