10 December, 2010

Stuff I like.

Wahey, here we are once again, on this dilapadted excuse for an online diary; in the grand words of Wikipedia, did you know that a blog is usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary (PAHA!), descriptions of events (mmmyeah...), or other material such as graphics or video. Right, moving on...Wikipedia can't tell me what to do!

Stuff I quite like:

My iPod- it carries so much music, which, as I've already posted, carries memories for me. It's like a small, purple, shiny, fifth-generation memory bank with a built-in camera :)
Spotify- iTunes doesn't work on my laptop (megaultrasuper fail), so I'm using the knockoff version, of which I get twenty hours a week. Crazy Town just came on, wheee!
Eyeliner- it makes me look like a cat, apparently, or an Egyptian, depending on how much or little I put on. Yes, I make it too thick, and I probably wear too much, enough to feed a family in poverty in Zambia for a week, but that's just me.
Hoodies- they're so comfortable and warm; if worn properly, they look immensely cool and not tatty, scruffy, chavvy or a combination thereof (Heaven forbid).
Random smiling at people- at the risk of sounding like an Earth-whisperer, I do like walking along the street and glancing up at a greying, focused old stranger huddled against the brutal winds (hang on...I'm sounding a little bit Soviet now. Woadka...), then I just shoot them a third-degree charm-watt SPARKLER. Yep, I grin, roll my eyes slightly as if to say, 'Tsk. Mischeivous England, making us feel Russian, eh?, and continue along the way, my heart feeling slightly lighter with every step I take.
Random compliments- I love getting them as much as I love giving them; it does make someone's day, or at least stick in their mind to be told their hair looks lovely, or whatever they're wearing really suits them.
Changes in the routine- I love it when something unexpected happens, and things are slightly different to the boring monotony of school/sleep/school/sleep :)
Waking up positive- it's a rare phenomenon, but it does occasionally happen. I'll swing my legs out of bed, stride across my bedroom as fast as my sleep-weakened body will allow, grab my hair and tooth brushes (not the same for both, don't be stupid. Pfft) and bounce into the bathroom. Sometimes, it's only to walk out of the door and see the sky fading ever so gently from deepest blue, to piercing azure, through a beautiful orange, to whitish-yellow ablaze on the horizon. I can make shapes with my Dragon Breath, and that strangely does pass quite a few boring minutes waiting for the bus, another highlight on a cold day.
Drinking orange juice from the carton- it tastes so much better grabbing it from the fridge and having a couple of cheeky sips before depositing it back in the same position, then it does to drink it through the faff-enduced phrase of crossing the kitchen, getting a glass, walking back to the fridge, opening the fridge etc. etc. It's killing my buzz just thinking about it really.
Waking up deliciously warm- my feet will be stretched out and pointed, half my face will be hanging gracefully off the bed, one arm will be gripping the black bars of my bed (no, it isn't a cell.) and yet all that concerns me is the fact that my duvet is so soft, light and snuggly-warm against my immobilised body, and that I ahve another three and a half hours with which to enjoy its company.
Tidy bedroom! I know it sounds wierd but there really is nothing like coming home after a long day of education, tramping up the stairs, and throwing your bag into the corner of your own private oasis. Especially if you can see the floor and the bed is made. I also love going to bed with a tidy room, a much better waking view than discarded shoes and various bags etc.
Texts early in the morning- through force of habit, I've taken to checking my phone each morning before I go to the bathroom; this is so that I feel safe in the knowledge that (ususally) no-one has attemtped to contact me, and all is well in the Social world. But sometimes, very occasionally (and I like it best that way; totally unexpected every time :D), I'll wake up to a random text, telling me that I'm missed, loved or pretty. Of course, it's lovely to hear those things in their own right; but before you've even spoken a word, before you've had a chance to clear your mind entirely of sleep-fuzz, before you've broken the silence of the night and chased your dreams away, there is someone out there who thought enough to drop you a line, maybe carelessly, or unconsidered, but nonetheless, a line, telling you something positive.

I know I come across as extremely pessimistic, shockingly scathing and unbelieveably sarcastic for someone so young, but sometimes, these positive little gems in my grey shaded world make it worth living. I suppose I'm just like that; for every lovely thing I can think of, it's placed under seige by ten horrible, bitter thoughts. But you know, sometimes those lovely thoughts wrestle free and dazzle everyone, punch them in the face, and dance off in a cloud of niceness.
Now is the time to urge you pointlessly to come back to me with stuff you like (five points preferably, even more if you're feeling especially flush...), and I'll collect them next week. That's all for now, I'll see you people on the flipside, dudemeisters. Woo!


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