25 January, 2011

Quick poems before my shower.

For once, excactly what it says on the tin :) I was reading some past blogs of friends of mine and I realised that they're actually really, really good poets- so I want another go. This is totally off the top of my head, so bear with...

Laughing and crying.
Watching and flying.
No, really, actually flying.
Up in the air, so, so high.
That's where you are.
I can see you.
My eyes meet yours,
From ten thousand feet away.
And I know,
I just know.
That you'll be watching.
Flying, always over me.
Ready to drop thousands of feet.
Just to lead me,
One last time.

How isn't a question.
Why isn't a question.
Who isn't a question.
This >> ?? << isn't even a question.
Questions? They're the things we don't say.
The things that are too big to talk about.
Too small to hear.
Too fast to catch.
Too slow to wait for.
One minute, a question dances on the tip of your tongue,
Doesn't it?
It does.
And for one sencond, you're on the brink,
The very edge,
Of finding out everything you need to know.
And this,
This happens:
The moment dissappears.
Whips that questions, steals it with the wind.
And wipes your memory.
Blank as a cloud.
Or a light.
Or the dark.
But don't chase it...
Don't waste your life trying to find that
One Question.
The one that meant everything to you.
Because, before you know it,
Your life, the one big, unanswered question,
That makes the world spin differently for every
On this planet.
Is gone.
Chasing the magical, lost question.
Over the clouds of

Free by '63.

In History at the moment, we're learning about Black Peoples of The Americas (at least, that's what it says on my textbook), and we've been through the Slave Trade of the 1800's, the abolistionists, freedom and finally arrived at the 1960's. We've learnt about James Channey, Michael Schmidt, Rosa Parks and, of course, Martin Luther King. We studied the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Sit-In Campaigns and the Dream Speech. We looked at the Ku Klux Klan and other Southern sympathisers, as well as numeous presidencies and governments throughout. But, if there's one thing this experience has taught me it's that the world isn't actually a very fair place. In fact, it seems that it's impossible to survive in it, and come through unscathed, without having scathed (?) someone else. I don't believe in equality, that much is true. I believe in elitism, hierarchy and credit where it is due. If someone has earnt something, they keep it. It's their responsibilty. No-one should take it away from them, no-one can have that power, but if they loose, break or spend the thing that they've earnt, that's their problem. My point is that, even though my idea of an ideal world is probably either excactly the same or drastically different as every other Diplomat, War Sympathiser and Peace Maker there has ever been, I don't think that enough time is spent focusing on people that never have a chance. Never HAD a chance. The way I see it, when everyone is born in this world they get given a ticket- their life. If they play their cards right, do the right things and play the massive game, they can win; or, they can choose the majorly wrong path that their lives will take, and rip up the Monopoly Board of life. Either way, everyone gets one chance. No resets, no takebacks and certainly no 'Undo' buttons. I also should stress that I don't believe in Fate, and although I think everything happens for a reason, it doesn't happen because we want it to. It doesn't happen because we've done something bad, or we didn't say thank you for a present we got last Christmas. It doesn't happen because we've lied, or cheated. It happens, because it happens. Because sometimes, things in the world need to happen, in order for the world to carry on working. No matter what happens in each of our lives, be it today, tomorrow, next week or in a century, nothing will change the way the Earth spins, the Moon orbits or the Sun burns bright. All we have on our side is time, and I intend to run with it. I will do everything I can so that Fate doesn't catch up with me. Some of you should think about doing it to.

Anyway, the longspun moral of this post is that the freedom and the struggle for equality that Black people ad to endure over more than a century has taught me that nothing in life is free, your gain is someone elses' loss and you and Fate have an IOU scheme going on.

23 January, 2011


I thought it was high time I made a blog regarding the type of food I LOVE, considering my last post was all about diminished figures of human beings. So, here we go; another reason this post was influenced by was the fact that I now feel very ill, due to over-consumption of Haribo Tangfastics.

Haribo Tangfastics- if you eat them too early dans le matin, your teeth itch for the rest of the days and your nerves feel like they're on fire. Other than that, they make your mouth go silly. Hehe!
Cream- it comes in so many delicious forms, and obviously the best would have to be the squirty sugar-cream stuff that comes in cans. I heard that if you spray it too much, it coems out of your ears. Mmhmm, yep. Really.
Chocolate- I'm skipping all the obvious ones.
Crunchies- The best type of chocolate bar. Also, see Chocolate.
Water- It's a nice thing to have when you're thirsty.
Ice- I don't know why, it's just good.
Cold apples- Mmm. Much better than hot ones.
Frozen grapes- Normal grapes are nice of course, but when in ice-form, your whole eprception is dramatically tilted. Yep, tilted.
Cookie dough- Oh my god. If you haven't tried it, you haven't lived.
Oreos- See Chocolate, or Cookie Dough.
Skittles- See Chocolate.
Big gummy strawberries- See Chocolate.
Bread- See Chocolate.
Olives- I don't like them in excessive quantities, i.e more than one.
Pepperami's- See Chocolate.
Cheesestrings- See Chocolate.
Cheese and Pepperoni Panini's- They sell them at school and they are beyond amazing.
Jacket Potatoes- Urrrgh. possibly the best cooking smell ever.
Jacket Potatoes with butter- See Jacket Potatoes.
Jacket Potatoes with butter and tuna- See above.
Brownies- See Chocolate.
Strawberries- I don't feel like Lolita when I eat them anymore!
Sweetcorn- What? A SWEET vegetable? MADNESS! *hisses*
Crisps- See Chocolate.
Dolly Mixture- It's strange because I dn't really like them as much as I could. I only like the layered cubey-type ones.
Sausages- See Bacon.
Hash Browns- See Jacket Potato.
Chips- See Jacket Potato.
Wedges- See Jacket Potato.
Roast potatoes- See Jacket Potato.
Mashed Potato- See Jacket Potato.
Fried Potato- See Jacket Potato.
Fried bread- bad for t'arteries, good for everything else!

I can't think of anything el- OOH!

Penne Pasta in tomato sauce with pancetta cubes- Just try it. Right now. Go away, leave your computer and try it. Make some right now. Go to Waitrose if you have to. But not Co-op. Never go to Co-op. The Co-op is an insult to my people. As is Budgens. And Icelands. Although, strangely, not Lidl. But anyway. If you're still here reading this, GO AWAY. Go and try the pasta! DO IT! NOW!

I definately can't think of anything else now. So I'll leave it, because I'm (bein the wonderfully impressionable and influenced young woman that I am) getting steadily hungrier. So. Good day.

21 January, 2011

Plastic fantastic.

So, all of the girls in my tutor group, bar a select few, still hanker shamelessly after that 'perfect, ideal' model body. Why? Because they're not happy with the way they look. Hell, I don't judge them for that, if every single teenage girl loved their own skin and coveted nothing, it would be pointless being a teenager. I must admit, even I'm not entirely happy; I won't go into the why's and why not's, but all you lot need to know is that I'm in very much the same boat as they are. However, flicking nonchalently (?) through the latest copy of Grazia, as you do on a Friday night, I'm horrified to discover that even though recent information has come out about anorexia, bulimia and probably a hundred thousand other eating disorders, I'm still seeing these bizarre photographs of models with heads too big for their bodies, wobbling precariously on their necks like bobble-heads on the dashboards of van drivers up and down the country. I'm telling you, I could cut out pictures of models from every issue of Heat, Grazia, Now, OK, Hello and suchforth, and submit them as a GCSE Surrealist Art portfolio (CLANG!). Magritte? Dail? They'd have nothing on me. Not even Ole' Melting-Clocks could compete with this. It isn't natural, no matter what rubbish these women (if I can call them that) spout uselessly, from their deprived mouths. It's human instinct to eat, to have body fat to keep warm, to SURVIVE. They're starving themselves to show every bone, every diminished curve under those relentless spotlights.

Of course, I maybe being a tad harsh. For example, some of these people are normal-sized. All of them, I'm sure, have good heads on their shoulders, it's just that some of them choose not to use them and instead starve themselves to the point of harm. I just wish people, minly girls, could love themselves for them. Even if no-one else tells you that you're beautiful, they can suck it up, beacuse you know that they're just jealous.

Keep this sentiment in mind, and you'll all be fine. Prepare yourselves for the cliche train! Someone, somewhere will love you. If they care to get close enough to see past all the makeup, then they're keepers! The people that can see past the makeup are the only ones worth wearing it for.

03 January, 2011

''Words What I Like''.

In the great, great words of Noel Fielding (Myra Hindley), whispering is like the last magic on Earth. For instance, I tried this out on my cousin at a party last night, I sidled up to him and just randomly whispered ''Hey!'', to which he leant down (yep, I'm small like that) and whispered back ''What's wrong?''. If someone whispers to you, especially if they make it sound urgent, it's like a reflex action, you just have to whisper back...

Also, lately a lot of people have been Tweeting and such with big groups of words and phrases that mean things to them, and of course, me being me, I thought I'd do the same thing. So, here is a massive list of words that mean noting to you, but make up my world :)

Music. Life. Laughing. Jumping. Surprise. Shock. Blog. Headphones. Loud. Soft. Sweet. Scary. Exciting. Amazing. Big. Small. Tiny. Funny. Techno. Dance. Eyeliner. Eyes. Hoodies. Charles. Beth. Comedy. Spotify. iTunes. BlackBerry. Speed. Falling. Fell. Sleep. Danger. School. Heartbreaker. Rock. Sweets. Chocolate. Pain. Love. Stupidity. 2010. Sharks. Dogs. Bears. Mirrors. Photos. Idiots. Water. Glass. Plastic. Beads. Friendship. Moody. Horrible. Unexplainable. Wonderful. Beautiful. Spontaneous. Summer. Nights. Dark. Light. Winter. Frost. Snow. Breath. Dancing. Tents. Camping. Shivering. Fringes. Time. Forever. School. Books. Flying. Nerves. Toothpaste. Bubblegum. Mint. Heartbeat. Nightmares. Dreams. Once-upon-a-time. Happily-ever-after. Rhythm. Treble Clefs. Blonde. Anyone. You. Me? Punching. Anger. Reversing. Pillbox. Earrings. Hairbrush. Pearls. Necklace. Bracelets. Rex. Twinkle. Fairy. Good. Bad. Times. Shakespear. Romeo. Juliet. Hugs. Kisses. Holding. Letting go. Breaking. Fixing. Spinning. Punk. Emo? Tattoos. Smoke. Spells. Magic. Noise. Flash. Quiet. Still. Breathtaking. Cold. Want. Need. One. True. Shrink. Grow. Beat. Cry. Rap. Singing. iPod. Purple. White. Blue. Old. And. Pictures. Drawing. Anime. Hearts. Posters. Vintage. Clothes. Spiders. Death. Ello. Stop. Drop. Cling. Share. Alone. Together? Twist. Pulse. Pause. Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Days. 2011. March. July. October. November. December. Grave. Sat. Silence. Warmth. Family. Party. Beaches. Sand. Sunlight. Stars. Glitter. Pens. Ink. Paper. Skin. Blood. Beat. Think. Know. Mind. Confusion. Knowledge.

01 January, 2011

New Year, New Start, New Me...New Blog??

I've been doingt his blog since about June-time, and in that time, although I haven't had any feedback apart from people I've directly asked, I do really feel as though this blog is going somewhere. I mean, I have 23 followers on Twitter fgs!
But yeah. So, last night, it was New Year's Eve, and then at 12:00, the customary 'New Year'. Which makes today, by my calculations, 1/1/11...now THAT is exciting. But Rememberance Day will be even MORE exciting, and not least of all because it's the day after my birthday...I mean, it'll be 11:11:11 on the 11/11/11!!! WOAH. That's, like...TWELVE '1's! I have to calm down RIGHT now before I get overexcited. Yeah...I actually cannot be bothered to do anything today, it's like a post-celebratory laziness. I really can't bring myself to do any normal, usual human things. So I write this, instead. Send me your NYR (New Year's Resolutions) over Twitter, or anyway you can possibly contact me; I want to know that I'm not the only one attempting such a pointless venture and...my Mum's just put Hip-Hop music on the TV...Whatthehell?! Um. Yeah.
OH! I need to go running today. *frowns* I can't be BOTHERED!