23 January, 2011


I thought it was high time I made a blog regarding the type of food I LOVE, considering my last post was all about diminished figures of human beings. So, here we go; another reason this post was influenced by was the fact that I now feel very ill, due to over-consumption of Haribo Tangfastics.

Haribo Tangfastics- if you eat them too early dans le matin, your teeth itch for the rest of the days and your nerves feel like they're on fire. Other than that, they make your mouth go silly. Hehe!
Cream- it comes in so many delicious forms, and obviously the best would have to be the squirty sugar-cream stuff that comes in cans. I heard that if you spray it too much, it coems out of your ears. Mmhmm, yep. Really.
Chocolate- I'm skipping all the obvious ones.
Crunchies- The best type of chocolate bar. Also, see Chocolate.
Water- It's a nice thing to have when you're thirsty.
Ice- I don't know why, it's just good.
Cold apples- Mmm. Much better than hot ones.
Frozen grapes- Normal grapes are nice of course, but when in ice-form, your whole eprception is dramatically tilted. Yep, tilted.
Cookie dough- Oh my god. If you haven't tried it, you haven't lived.
Oreos- See Chocolate, or Cookie Dough.
Skittles- See Chocolate.
Big gummy strawberries- See Chocolate.
Bread- See Chocolate.
Olives- I don't like them in excessive quantities, i.e more than one.
Pepperami's- See Chocolate.
Cheesestrings- See Chocolate.
Cheese and Pepperoni Panini's- They sell them at school and they are beyond amazing.
Jacket Potatoes- Urrrgh. possibly the best cooking smell ever.
Jacket Potatoes with butter- See Jacket Potatoes.
Jacket Potatoes with butter and tuna- See above.
Brownies- See Chocolate.
Strawberries- I don't feel like Lolita when I eat them anymore!
Sweetcorn- What? A SWEET vegetable? MADNESS! *hisses*
Crisps- See Chocolate.
Dolly Mixture- It's strange because I dn't really like them as much as I could. I only like the layered cubey-type ones.
Sausages- See Bacon.
Hash Browns- See Jacket Potato.
Chips- See Jacket Potato.
Wedges- See Jacket Potato.
Roast potatoes- See Jacket Potato.
Mashed Potato- See Jacket Potato.
Fried Potato- See Jacket Potato.
Fried bread- bad for t'arteries, good for everything else!

I can't think of anything el- OOH!

Penne Pasta in tomato sauce with pancetta cubes- Just try it. Right now. Go away, leave your computer and try it. Make some right now. Go to Waitrose if you have to. But not Co-op. Never go to Co-op. The Co-op is an insult to my people. As is Budgens. And Icelands. Although, strangely, not Lidl. But anyway. If you're still here reading this, GO AWAY. Go and try the pasta! DO IT! NOW!

I definately can't think of anything else now. So I'll leave it, because I'm (bein the wonderfully impressionable and influenced young woman that I am) getting steadily hungrier. So. Good day.

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