25 January, 2011

Free by '63.

In History at the moment, we're learning about Black Peoples of The Americas (at least, that's what it says on my textbook), and we've been through the Slave Trade of the 1800's, the abolistionists, freedom and finally arrived at the 1960's. We've learnt about James Channey, Michael Schmidt, Rosa Parks and, of course, Martin Luther King. We studied the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Sit-In Campaigns and the Dream Speech. We looked at the Ku Klux Klan and other Southern sympathisers, as well as numeous presidencies and governments throughout. But, if there's one thing this experience has taught me it's that the world isn't actually a very fair place. In fact, it seems that it's impossible to survive in it, and come through unscathed, without having scathed (?) someone else. I don't believe in equality, that much is true. I believe in elitism, hierarchy and credit where it is due. If someone has earnt something, they keep it. It's their responsibilty. No-one should take it away from them, no-one can have that power, but if they loose, break or spend the thing that they've earnt, that's their problem. My point is that, even though my idea of an ideal world is probably either excactly the same or drastically different as every other Diplomat, War Sympathiser and Peace Maker there has ever been, I don't think that enough time is spent focusing on people that never have a chance. Never HAD a chance. The way I see it, when everyone is born in this world they get given a ticket- their life. If they play their cards right, do the right things and play the massive game, they can win; or, they can choose the majorly wrong path that their lives will take, and rip up the Monopoly Board of life. Either way, everyone gets one chance. No resets, no takebacks and certainly no 'Undo' buttons. I also should stress that I don't believe in Fate, and although I think everything happens for a reason, it doesn't happen because we want it to. It doesn't happen because we've done something bad, or we didn't say thank you for a present we got last Christmas. It doesn't happen because we've lied, or cheated. It happens, because it happens. Because sometimes, things in the world need to happen, in order for the world to carry on working. No matter what happens in each of our lives, be it today, tomorrow, next week or in a century, nothing will change the way the Earth spins, the Moon orbits or the Sun burns bright. All we have on our side is time, and I intend to run with it. I will do everything I can so that Fate doesn't catch up with me. Some of you should think about doing it to.

Anyway, the longspun moral of this post is that the freedom and the struggle for equality that Black people ad to endure over more than a century has taught me that nothing in life is free, your gain is someone elses' loss and you and Fate have an IOU scheme going on.

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