25 January, 2011

Quick poems before my shower.

For once, excactly what it says on the tin :) I was reading some past blogs of friends of mine and I realised that they're actually really, really good poets- so I want another go. This is totally off the top of my head, so bear with...

Laughing and crying.
Watching and flying.
No, really, actually flying.
Up in the air, so, so high.
That's where you are.
I can see you.
My eyes meet yours,
From ten thousand feet away.
And I know,
I just know.
That you'll be watching.
Flying, always over me.
Ready to drop thousands of feet.
Just to lead me,
One last time.

How isn't a question.
Why isn't a question.
Who isn't a question.
This >> ?? << isn't even a question.
Questions? They're the things we don't say.
The things that are too big to talk about.
Too small to hear.
Too fast to catch.
Too slow to wait for.
One minute, a question dances on the tip of your tongue,
Doesn't it?
It does.
And for one sencond, you're on the brink,
The very edge,
Of finding out everything you need to know.
And this,
This happens:
The moment dissappears.
Whips that questions, steals it with the wind.
And wipes your memory.
Blank as a cloud.
Or a light.
Or the dark.
But don't chase it...
Don't waste your life trying to find that
One Question.
The one that meant everything to you.
Because, before you know it,
Your life, the one big, unanswered question,
That makes the world spin differently for every
On this planet.
Is gone.
Chasing the magical, lost question.
Over the clouds of

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