03 January, 2011

''Words What I Like''.

In the great, great words of Noel Fielding (Myra Hindley), whispering is like the last magic on Earth. For instance, I tried this out on my cousin at a party last night, I sidled up to him and just randomly whispered ''Hey!'', to which he leant down (yep, I'm small like that) and whispered back ''What's wrong?''. If someone whispers to you, especially if they make it sound urgent, it's like a reflex action, you just have to whisper back...

Also, lately a lot of people have been Tweeting and such with big groups of words and phrases that mean things to them, and of course, me being me, I thought I'd do the same thing. So, here is a massive list of words that mean noting to you, but make up my world :)

Music. Life. Laughing. Jumping. Surprise. Shock. Blog. Headphones. Loud. Soft. Sweet. Scary. Exciting. Amazing. Big. Small. Tiny. Funny. Techno. Dance. Eyeliner. Eyes. Hoodies. Charles. Beth. Comedy. Spotify. iTunes. BlackBerry. Speed. Falling. Fell. Sleep. Danger. School. Heartbreaker. Rock. Sweets. Chocolate. Pain. Love. Stupidity. 2010. Sharks. Dogs. Bears. Mirrors. Photos. Idiots. Water. Glass. Plastic. Beads. Friendship. Moody. Horrible. Unexplainable. Wonderful. Beautiful. Spontaneous. Summer. Nights. Dark. Light. Winter. Frost. Snow. Breath. Dancing. Tents. Camping. Shivering. Fringes. Time. Forever. School. Books. Flying. Nerves. Toothpaste. Bubblegum. Mint. Heartbeat. Nightmares. Dreams. Once-upon-a-time. Happily-ever-after. Rhythm. Treble Clefs. Blonde. Anyone. You. Me? Punching. Anger. Reversing. Pillbox. Earrings. Hairbrush. Pearls. Necklace. Bracelets. Rex. Twinkle. Fairy. Good. Bad. Times. Shakespear. Romeo. Juliet. Hugs. Kisses. Holding. Letting go. Breaking. Fixing. Spinning. Punk. Emo? Tattoos. Smoke. Spells. Magic. Noise. Flash. Quiet. Still. Breathtaking. Cold. Want. Need. One. True. Shrink. Grow. Beat. Cry. Rap. Singing. iPod. Purple. White. Blue. Old. And. Pictures. Drawing. Anime. Hearts. Posters. Vintage. Clothes. Spiders. Death. Ello. Stop. Drop. Cling. Share. Alone. Together? Twist. Pulse. Pause. Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Days. 2011. March. July. October. November. December. Grave. Sat. Silence. Warmth. Family. Party. Beaches. Sand. Sunlight. Stars. Glitter. Pens. Ink. Paper. Skin. Blood. Beat. Think. Know. Mind. Confusion. Knowledge.

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