16 February, 2011

Abuse nowadays.

I love getting abuse; what happened to the good old days when it was childish, oh so childish, but so creative? A lot of time, effort and thought was invested in 'You're a slimy pig-face poo idiot moron. No-one likes you because you smell and you pick your nose and you're stupid.'. I didn't have mind my Mum calling me that because at least she cared enough to be inventive about it. All I get now is 'slut', 'whore', and sometimes even 'lesbian'.

I know I'm so clearly none of these things which it what makes it so funny; this is why I've developed a dreadful sarcasm addiction; and by that, I don't mean dreadful at all, I mean highly amusing. I'm only sarcastic because it's the best way to stave off such pathetic accusations. If I really believed everything these idiots said to me, I would be wrecked. Bu luckily I have a brain and I don't. Another point is that my friend is leaving my school after only half an academic year there; she doesn't want to go and we don't want her to either, but she has to return to her old, all-girls' school. This is a major problem, because a lot of her ''friends'' abandoned her when she went to 'common school' (just because ours isn't fee-paying like theirs?!) and now they think she's rough as sandpaper. This obviously is ridiculous, but it's not so easy to laugh when you've had to leave all of your friends behind and venture back into the place you never wanted to see again. Why are we hated for what we are? Why are we hated from straying from the type? It's ridiculous in that we all have to conform to some imperfect, flawed image in our equally imperfect, flawed society...

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