02 February, 2011

Ego Trips shouldn't be allowed near children.

Ever since the new school was erected (oo-er), we've had to congregate in the freezing cold Hub every Wednesday for twenty minuts ro half an hour to listen to our stupid head teacher moan on about nothing. Honestly, it is nothing; complete and utter pointless drivel. What I mean is, today for example, she was talking about Chinese New Year, which to be fair isn't drivel, but then she started telling us that she didn't want to hear of any racial slurs to ruin the celebrations (?!) and that because St. Barts (my school) is closely tied with a community in Shanghai, we were going to have our own special little celebrations at school- the day AFTER New Year's Day- for a small fee. For the cost, we will get to sample original Chinese delicacies- Hello?! I live in Thatcham Town, land of the takeaway. I can't turn a corner for seeing the Little Szechuan, or Fry 5-ty Five; I'm not, and I assume no-one else is either, or at least very few, an ignorant little child; I'm a world-weary fourteen-year old, I'm not a cat. So, for half an hour every blessed week, we get to listen to my stupid, Northern-sounding, mascara-wearing, saggy-faced headteacher bring religion into abolustely EVERYTHING, including flipping P.E, which, as everyone knows, would not be around if there was a God...it was only invented to appease the sadists among us. To conclude, you with your stupid cordless microphone can go and shove it, Mrs. H, because to be frank, I'm really not happy with wasting half an hour of my life, MY time, listening to you talk about how we should all broaden our horizons, pull together, help a friend, smile at a dog...whatever. I'm not a racist, ignorant idiot who thinks that black people should come with a spare change of batteries! I'm not like that! I think that if you keep banging on about how bad racism and Atheism are, people are going to start to talk. I know this, because I'll make sure it happens! Grrrr....

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