26 February, 2011

Online courage.

Because we've just had half term (read: a week of sleep), and I only got Facebook recently, I'm begining to realise that a week apart from each-other and the revolutionary mask of the InterWeb makes people so much braver; pointless arguements stem from extremely obscure comments, or totally innocent ones, which lead to people inexplicably calling me names, and telling me what they really think. In a way, it's healthy. It's also extemely annoying; I now know that not that many people actually like me as much as I thought they did. They're always willing to be on the majority's side, which is pretty stupid. I LOVE being exiled, I find it comical and peaceful. Besides, what good are friends to me, anyway? The only friends I need I already have, and they're a damn sight better than these rubbishy fake ones. It's stupid, because so many people are obviously desperate to have a pop at me, purely to ease their consciences and further to avoid being seen with me in future. It's because they haven't seen me for over a week now, and because I can be quite annoying online, incessantly spell-checking and correcting grammar. But that's merely an excuse to start an arguement about something stupid, and then it all comes out; my misguidences over the past few years, my intolerable behaviour, and my complete inability to work with others. Pathetic really, as I'm so obviously none of those things. Just kidding, I know how annoying I am! But you know what? I love it :) I absolutely LOVE being me, and to hell with self-deprication and modesty for but a minute; I find it absolutely fantastic to feel so in control, and to know I don't have to bow and scrape to these mongs. I find it empowering when my world doesn't shatter because yet another rich-b**** decides I'm not flavour of the Month.
And lastly, hurrah for the Facebook Cull! An indirect way of letting someone know that you really don't care that they don't like you, but you don't want to waste anymore Wall Space on them. I think the unsuspected blocking of someone is far more effective than saying, 'Hey. I don't like you'. It's not cowardly, it's just funny.

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