14 February, 2011

So she has a heart!

Once there was a boy and a girl. This could be any other love story except he was the Prince and she was the frog :D he was kind, caring, funny, beautiful...fantastic. She wasn't really anything special. So, they met. She stalked him, they got it on, they got it off, they got it on, they got it off...on and on and on this went for quite a few months. Until, one nights, once everything had been confessed, her wrongdoings and his mislead actions, they finally started again. Embarking uon a romance that, whilst only young, was still sweet and beautiful. They talked and talked for hours on end, every week. Every day that the girl saw him, her heart would leap in anticipation. Of course it couldn't be perfect. Nothing ever is when you're in love. But whilst there were tears shed, hearts broken and love lost, there was always the light at the end of the long, broken tunnel. This story was never meant to be a love story. It was never meant to be funny, not tragic, nor thrilling, nor adventurous. What it is, is the truth. This is why, after almost ten months of rocking on a fast train, on a random Sunday evening, this girl put her life on hold for her prince :) his many kisses had turned her into something beautiful.

If time stopped
I'd let it
As long as it meant
I could be with you
If the world
Stopped spinning
The only place I'd want to be
Is with you
Maybe one day
Sometime soon
We can forget all the stupid things
That make up our lives
And just have each-other
It's the little things
In life
They say
That count
But my love for you
Isn't little at all
It fills the secret place
In our minds
Where we met
One day :)

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