29 March, 2011

Love, crumble and sheep-bags.

At this random point in my life, close to the Easter holidays, and with nothing really very exciting happening (ooh, I lie- we do have the Royal Visit to officially open our school tomorrow. HRH the Countess of Wessex is coming to open it...not gonna lie, I AM excited...), I've recently made a host of new friends, rediscovered old ones in depth and generally immersed myself with everyone else. This sounds so shallow, but I never realised how interesting I see people on a regular basis can be! It's stupid, but the more I get to know someone, the more I see life and everything in it through different eyes...people, I'm learning. It's fantastic. First, there's the amazing Millie Stonebridge, a gorgeous person I met purely by chance by sharing an English class and a lot of friends over two and a half years. We clicked over one of my photos (oh yeah) and arranged a BIG sleepover. After that sleepover, we got on so well that we wanted another sleepover! So, I invited her to my house. And it was at that sleepover that I realised I could NOT let this girl go. I can't believe I've been so dense these past years and have missed this shining, fantastical example of human BRILLIANCE. My own ignorance astounds me. But hey...
Then there's James Howes; I knew of him, and I'd seen him around school before. He was a friend on Facebook, and I knew him well enough to know he was nice :) but then he came and accompanied a lot of other people to take on some random chavs outside Icelands after cshool one day (because that's how I spend MY time...) and that day, he made me laugh so much, I chatted to him on Facebook that night and over two weeks later, we've started to really get to know each-other. I feel happy, because James is so randomly funny and brilliant, eloquent and brutally witty at times. He shares my sense of humour ridiculously well and I love it! Spending time with him just makes me so happy :)
Next are Sam Prentice and Ceri Roberts. Even though these two glorious characters have been dancing at the corner of my mind for AT LEAST a good year and a half now, I suddenly feel about a mile closer to each of them in turn. I sit next to Sam in quite a few lessons nowadays, and we talk on the phone and Facebook, and we've developed a really close friendship. I feel like he's a brother, or a life-long friend who doesn't judge me, no matter what I say. I also feel like he's always there for me, and is willing to do whatever it takes. Even though this might not be true, it means a hella lot just to feel like it might be true...do you understand? I know what I'm trying to say, I think...
Last, but certainly not least, Mr. Andrew Coppock. Yeah, we had mutual friends and I added you because I'd heard nice stuff about you, like you were a really decent guy :) and I was right! Andy, ladies and gentlemen, is the total epiphany of human kindliness. He's an example of better things to come, and the fact that fighting DOES make you stronger sometimes. I've known him properly for less than a week and already I can tell that he's going to be such a good friend to me. I look past the repuatiuons and the rumours, because whatever he might be, Andy is real. ANd not only is he real, which in itsself means a lot in this day and age, but he's kind. He's clever, and funny. Witty, yet attentive. He's so finely-tuned to a person's emotions that whenever I'm talking to him I always have to make sure he's not stood beihnd me or something, or ia using any possibly trickery to get to my emotions.

There is no moral to this post, really. I'm not teaching anyone a lesson, or setting myself above the rest. Sometimes, simple things in life can make you truly happy, and these amazing people are a few shining examples. Basically guys, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH

23 March, 2011


I've purposely made the title of this post ambiguous, as, really, you can believe in almost everything and anything. You can believe in the mystical healing powers of wine, candles and a bath...or the sheer comfort of a huge bar of chocolate when it's ''that time'' and only creamy squares of sugar can lift you out of that dazed, hormonal stupour. But nonetheless, almost everyone, you will believe in something...whether good will always triumph, or their lottery numbers this week might just win. Sometimes that belief can be religious. Sometimes not. For me, personally- and this is very personal because the beliefs I do have are a bit odd- I believe that if you love someone enough, that connection can never be broken. I believe that with the right music, you can do anything. That if you loose someone close to your heart, they can always see you, and watch your dreams. I believe that you'll only get hurt if you're scared, but if you're brave, you're invincible. I don't believe in God...I don't believe in Heaven. But I do believe in Elsewhere. In a world somewhere beyond here, where everything you lost you will find again, where you can watch your life like a video, where you can do anything, and meet anyone. I believe that there's a world better than this, but at the same time, that we can't get much better than good ole' planet Earth. I believe that you don't really want something until you go and get it yourself. What do you believe in?

18 March, 2011

Melissa Daisy Stonebridge!

So she's sat here on my bed, in my clothes, going through my makeup and singing. I LOVE HER.
Let me explain. Millie (Melissa) is my best friend. OK, I have a lot of best friends, I KNOW. But on a scale of 1-10, she's my sister. My blonde, funny, gorgeous sister. Who is always smiling! And, me being wonderfully ignorant, didn't realise just how much she had graced this Earth until about a month ago! D: that's stupid. Because, now I think about it, she's hard to miss. She's everywhere, filling every corner with her beautiful laugh and glowing humour. Millie is like a million shooting stars fizzing away in a beautiful face topped with golden hair. Currently, she's looking through pictures on her camera and making 'Happy Noises'. I just...love her.
Sometimes, I get the feeling that no-one really wants me around. I know it's irrational but that's just me. I'm used to being the one that no-one paticularly wants :L but it's now a thing of the past because I have Millie. Because she's always there, always behind me, checking on me, making sure I'm happy. And it means a lot to me that she is always there.
Millie Stonebridge. A beautiful, blonde whirlwind of a thing with a lovely smile and heavenly eyes and a body. I. WANT.
She understands me. How much of a cliche is that?! But it's a good one. Because she understands what it means to be a best friend, to be the only one always there through thick and thin. Millie is going to be the turning point in my life and I love that in her :) she's just, y'know, appeared, said some unforgettable, amazing things that bring a tear to my eye like nothing else and make me feel happy for an entire WEEK.
I'm vastly aware that this blog post is probably the cheesiest, most cliched one I've ever written, but for once I don't care because I love her and I want the world to know how she makes me feel!
Millie is what it means to be a best friend ♥

01 March, 2011

Homophobia? Racism? Pfft.

Ohhhh'kay. Today we had R.E, which I always love because, being the opinionated soul that I am, I like having an opinion, and I love broadcasting it. R.E + Me = people groaning when it's time to go and I won't shurrraaaaap. Ah well.
At the moment, we're doing Prejudice...like, sexism, homophobia, racism etc. and as much as I dislike to say it, it's actually really interesting. I suppose it's like, knockoff phsycology? Because you're really trying to understand how people's minds work. They work different to yours, which is strange, because...y'know, everyone should think the same stuff. No, I lie. That would be called Communism, which is a waste of time.
But anyway, I digress (I can even do it religiously.) and my point is that I hate all these phrases getting tossed around; 'homophobe', 'racist' and 'sexist' are to name but a few, and this has taken on a 'Boy Who Cried Wolf'-like form, in that nowadays when you say it to someone, it lessens the impact somewhat because they probably hear it everyday. I got called racist the other day for referring to someone as 'black' (I'm white), when I was describing them?! That's not racist?? I'm not going to include an example of what WOULD be racist, because I don't want to; but there were a lot of other things I could've said. It's the same when you call someone a homophobe just because they feel uncomfortable around gay people. That's not homophobia, that's just something people aren't used to. And let's be honest, there are more hetrosexual people in the world then there are homosexual; yeah, that could change, but right now, it rings pretty true. And some people haven't had enough exposure to gay people...that's not a crime! To every single straight boy or man who is reading this right now...if you saw two other men in the middle of the street, passionately kissing...would you feel uncomfortable? Be honest...and now, every gay man reading this...would you feel uncomfortable seeing a man and a woman doing the same thing i the same place, would it make you feel awkward too? There's no shame in admitting that, in fact it's brave. I would respect anybody who said to hemselves, or whoever they were with right now, that they were, in fact, uncomfortable with such blatant affection being expressed in broad daylight. It would be the same for any other couple; I feel vaguely embarassed when I see any couple, be it gay, straight or alien, making out so expressively in the day.
Moral of this post?
Be brave.