23 March, 2011


I've purposely made the title of this post ambiguous, as, really, you can believe in almost everything and anything. You can believe in the mystical healing powers of wine, candles and a bath...or the sheer comfort of a huge bar of chocolate when it's ''that time'' and only creamy squares of sugar can lift you out of that dazed, hormonal stupour. But nonetheless, almost everyone, you will believe in something...whether good will always triumph, or their lottery numbers this week might just win. Sometimes that belief can be religious. Sometimes not. For me, personally- and this is very personal because the beliefs I do have are a bit odd- I believe that if you love someone enough, that connection can never be broken. I believe that with the right music, you can do anything. That if you loose someone close to your heart, they can always see you, and watch your dreams. I believe that you'll only get hurt if you're scared, but if you're brave, you're invincible. I don't believe in God...I don't believe in Heaven. But I do believe in Elsewhere. In a world somewhere beyond here, where everything you lost you will find again, where you can watch your life like a video, where you can do anything, and meet anyone. I believe that there's a world better than this, but at the same time, that we can't get much better than good ole' planet Earth. I believe that you don't really want something until you go and get it yourself. What do you believe in?

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