01 March, 2011

Homophobia? Racism? Pfft.

Ohhhh'kay. Today we had R.E, which I always love because, being the opinionated soul that I am, I like having an opinion, and I love broadcasting it. R.E + Me = people groaning when it's time to go and I won't shurrraaaaap. Ah well.
At the moment, we're doing Prejudice...like, sexism, homophobia, racism etc. and as much as I dislike to say it, it's actually really interesting. I suppose it's like, knockoff phsycology? Because you're really trying to understand how people's minds work. They work different to yours, which is strange, because...y'know, everyone should think the same stuff. No, I lie. That would be called Communism, which is a waste of time.
But anyway, I digress (I can even do it religiously.) and my point is that I hate all these phrases getting tossed around; 'homophobe', 'racist' and 'sexist' are to name but a few, and this has taken on a 'Boy Who Cried Wolf'-like form, in that nowadays when you say it to someone, it lessens the impact somewhat because they probably hear it everyday. I got called racist the other day for referring to someone as 'black' (I'm white), when I was describing them?! That's not racist?? I'm not going to include an example of what WOULD be racist, because I don't want to; but there were a lot of other things I could've said. It's the same when you call someone a homophobe just because they feel uncomfortable around gay people. That's not homophobia, that's just something people aren't used to. And let's be honest, there are more hetrosexual people in the world then there are homosexual; yeah, that could change, but right now, it rings pretty true. And some people haven't had enough exposure to gay people...that's not a crime! To every single straight boy or man who is reading this right now...if you saw two other men in the middle of the street, passionately kissing...would you feel uncomfortable? Be honest...and now, every gay man reading this...would you feel uncomfortable seeing a man and a woman doing the same thing i the same place, would it make you feel awkward too? There's no shame in admitting that, in fact it's brave. I would respect anybody who said to hemselves, or whoever they were with right now, that they were, in fact, uncomfortable with such blatant affection being expressed in broad daylight. It would be the same for any other couple; I feel vaguely embarassed when I see any couple, be it gay, straight or alien, making out so expressively in the day.
Moral of this post?
Be brave.

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  1. Very deep and perceptive, a very valid moral too :')