11 April, 2011

Fridge words!

I will do a more serious post later tonight but for now, I wanted something a bit light-hearted, because I've been made to think a LOT today and that's not a good position to be in regularly. Remember how when we were younger our parents would buy lots and lots of tiny little magnetic words and word-endings in the vain hope of getting us to become literate before the age of 3? We re-discovered said words a while ago and had much fun making sentences. They're all jokey (I think) but when I read some of them, they seem to me little, genuine pearls of wisdom. Also, I really think that we could learn by some of them. Others are, of course, just to make you laugh. I don't know how many there are, excactly, but then again, each one is worth about fifteen normal words, so :)
Flatten his old-fashioned spawn
Massive canter
Slumber in vanilla delight
I quake
Ignite the paint
Army knoll
A cheery frozen skyline cycle
Cradle those manic oranges
Hope & Insanity
No reward
Touch your emotion
Toe vendetta
Your cruel splendid occasion shall create fruit dust
Deluge on mirrored paint
Glown then depart
Spear tears
Rub dark liquid in
Man can fly
Will the angel care
Fragile bubbles
Below a million
Theirs aren't crimson
My spirit
We go around Neptune
Notice autumn forget
Glide hideous amber knight
pardon our invisible tail
languish on ruby flame
Nothing legend
We like sugar cake
Pulp fizzle
Truly any moral
Sleazy and droll
Be true
Her kinky manoeuvre
Me is you so who is she
Intone cream fur
Put it off jungle brute
Sat mistaken and interrupted
Performance invent me
Adore his fuzzty pop
Exotic dragon is feisty
My clever turquoise breeze
Snowing east but gather west
Swirling father no stoneless eight
Create our summer
Yet under gentle
Cherry Heaven
Depart but gorge on electricity
Bang him up
She's of ghostly malice
Commit here
Beg for a melting planet
Make a ginger throb
Learn and strike
Useless harmony
Usefully intoxicated
Wet and whirlpooly dew
Did milky Venus float
Spring and radient slumber
The North spiral
Tide and ocean
Solace in nougat
Rode at us
Beyond his tall violet whistling
Corrupt my thumb
Promise in anger
Inspiration embrace
You could be everything
Emotional sob

Goddamn! My family are so poetic!

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