26 April, 2011

Human mentality

I wish it was so straightforward in life. I wish some people could wake up one morning and just think to themselves, 'I'm going to change'. Basically, I wish everyone had my mindset. But then again, everyone does. Or, rather, I wish everyone thought as strongly as I do; I don't mind SOME opposition, being agreed with all the time is exhausting. But then, I wish a lot of people I know shared my values; values of self-respect, of being nice to your teachers and keeping your room tidy. Okay, so I'm faaaar from perfect. I'm hardly squeaky-clean myself, I know that. But still, is it really so hard to want to be...well, normal? To want to have a steady relationship, to want to get through school, to want to do everything that you're told? Maybe I'm the abnormal one?

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