26 April, 2011

Nothing lasts forever...?

So, being fourteen and all, I'm definitely inexperienced in the ways of the adult, in the ways of life, in the ways of the human. But isn't that the unmistakeable beauty of life? The way that, every time a new person is born, their life stretches ahead of them, endlessly, a beauty, a perfect bounty of plain white canvas stretched across a long road. It's so beautiful, that a person can literally do whatever they want. Every time a baby is born, the midwife looks at it...and if I was that midwife, I'd stare, just for a few seconds, into the huge pools of gummy light that shine out of a newborn's face. Because, just for a few seconds, the first few seconds of an unpredictable life, a million things can be achieved. A million things are possible. And then, the bubble is burst, the spell is broken and just like that, another life joins the billions on Earth. Fade into the black shadows of the background.
My point is that even though a million things can be achieved, how many actually are? Sometimes, you have to go for it. I know that nothing lasts forever. But we've got to make the good things last as long as possible. Or enjoy them while we can. Don't waste your time looking wistfully at her back as she walks away. Come and find me instead. We can dance, and make the most of being young. And celebrate everything we have, and laugh at everything we don't.

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