24 May, 2011

A 30-day challenge in five minutes?!

1) Introduce yourself;
Gah. I hate these things. So, okay, hi. My name's Beth and I'm an alchoholic. No, I'm joking, that was A JOKE. Yep. I think I'm funny and no-one else really does, I'm rubbish at some things but brilliant at others and I don't mind saying I'm not the ugliest one on the bench. So, that's me!
2) Your first love;
Um. I won't say his name cos, confidentiality and all that. So, he's tall and lovely and wonderful. He's purple and ginger and brilliant. Whenever he's not around I feel a bit like a small child, but whenever he is, I feel like the most powerful girl in the world. He means the most to me.
3) My parents;
My parents are BABES, to be quite honest with ya's. My Dad is tall and he's very cool. My Mum is small and very lovely. They're both there whenever I need them for unconditional love and occasionally some arguements but hardly EVER. I love them both very much :)
4) What I ate today;
Breakfast- I ate a hideous mixture of Shreddies and Chocolate Weetabix Mini's, because we had to use up the last of the Shreddies and my conniving little brother wouldn't finish them ;D and of course you cannot put brown sugar on flavoured Weetabix. Hello? Fundamentally WRONG.
Lunch- I had a chicken-and-French-Fry-(Cheese and Onion-Sandwich, an apple, a square of brownie and a square of granola bar, and a LITTLE STARS BLACKCURRANT JELLY!!
Dinner- not sure yet, but it smells laaaaarvely...
And of course I drank lots and lots of water...
5) My definition of love;
Ah, come on! I can barely define MYSELF. Okay. Love. Love is an age-old arguement ranging through every town and city. Every second, billions of people fall in and out. Love can lift you up to higher then you knew you could go, and have you ten feet under the ground. If you ever forget that someone loves you, then by the next morning, they won't anymore. Love hurts. But it's so, so worth it.
6) My day;
My day today was remarkably uneventful. And by that I mean nothing of major interest happened. I woke up at 6:30, left for school at 7:10, got there at 7:30, French at 8:50, P.E at 9:50, break at 10:50-11:10, History at 11:10, tutorial (Assembly) at 12:10, Lunch at 12:30, Maths at 1:30, R.E at 2:30, HOMETIME. Got home at 4:45, did jobs, did revision, and here I am!
7) My best friend;
The sun shines out of her face when she smiles. She melts my heart with her unconditional beauty, love and trust. Sometimes, I wish I was like her. Sometimes, I wish I was her. She makes me want to be a better person, because with everything she puts up with, I've no right to complain. She really is fantastically brilliant and beautiful. I love her more than the world.
8) A moment;
60 seconds can feel like an hour or a second, depending on your situation. Time's all relative, right? So, dancing to your favourite music can take an hour but feel like five minutes. Waiting for that all important message can take five minutes and feel like an hour.
9) My beliefs;
I really hope that everyone believes in something. It makes the world so much brighter if you do; it makes you feel safe, and not alone. I believe in ghosts, angels, wishes and coincedence. I don't believe in God, Heaven or Fate. I don't think that if you beleive in one thing, you should beleive in everything like it. That's why I don't believe in religion; I think that if there was a God, He would want us to live our lives according to us. He made us that way for a reason. I would never, ever disrespect someone else's beliefs, they're amazing, precious things. No-one should ever feel like they're stupid for hoping.
10) What I wore today;
School uniform mainly- black skirt, white shirts, green-purple-white-striped tie (favourite thing ever!), black blazer, purple gym shorts underneath, school shoes, black t-shirt,
P.E kit- white polo top, purple gym shorts, P.E skirt, ankle socks, trainers,
Everything else- two necklaces, two bracelets, an anklet, a green and black checked shirt and blue skinny jeans.
11) My siblings;
Okay, I only have the one. My little BABY brother who's now taller, stronger and more grown-up then I am, which is DEPRESSING! Cor. He literally shot up over the space of about a week. Growthspurt? Try growthROCKET! Also, I know we argue and bicker all the time, but no we're both growing up, it means a lot to me that we're becoming closer and he can talk to me about more stuff. I LOVE YOU, DUDE.
12) What's in my bag;
I don't have a bag, only a school bag. What's in that? Okay...RE Book, French books, Maths books, History books, planner, pencil case, umbrella, water bottle!
13) This week;
It's only Tuesday and although the half term's coming far too fast for my liking, it does feel nice to be able to look forward to a week of nothingness. School isn't excactly taxing but somtimes it just grates on you. But so far, this week has been okay, to be honest. I've not really done very much of interest, save my epic face-punch today, but apart from that...no? :)
14) My dreams;
My dreams are funy things; sometimes they involve conversations I had earlier that day, sometimes fleeting thoughts, something absolutely nothing at all. But I can always remember them when I wake up.
15) My first kiss;
It was at a school disco, we were both sweaty and out of breath, our hearts were pounding and we linked together and joined lips. A rush went to my head, me, thinking, ''I'm kissing the nicest boy I've ever met!'' and a rush comes to my head now as I remember that boy I kissed, the boy I'm still with all these months later :)
16) My favourite memory;
Standing, shivering on a beach in Mexico with my Dad and my Brother at three in the morning, watching the sunrise on the beach, dressed in my party clothes from the night before, with my brother asleep on a sunlounger. Best holiday.
17) Favourite birthday;
Of mine? Probably this last one; Paloma Faith and Eliza Doolittle at the Apollo with my lovely Marmee, all dressed up, stood in that crowd, being glared at by bush-baby eyes :)
18) Something I regret;
Letting this amazing person go when I had a proper chance at happiness. But then again, I wouldn't change all the breakups, because everything turned out like this.
19) This month;
It's been pretty eventful, but it's gone so flipping fast! I barely touched upon the Mayday, the royal wedding seems like a distant memory and even my month-aversary was forever ago! It's been a good month, a sad month, and one for remembering.
20) Another moment;
Standing on the school field, watching my friend Joe perform this aaaaamazing tackle on a Year Ten boy who cockily stole his rugby ball. The boy went sauntering past, Joe lets out, ''RRRRRAAAAAGHHHHHHH!!!!'', runs to him and tackles him s hard that for a split second, the boy's face, stapled by surprise, stays in the air after his body. I live for moments like this.
21) Something that upsets me;
Loosing all my friends because of a rumour, a secret or a lie. It's unfair.
22) Something that makes me feel better;
Dancing with my boyfriend in his bedroom to awesome songs. Singing to him the lyrics of a song that hold my feelings :)
23) Something that makes me cry;
Lying flat on my back in bed at night, whispering, and gazing at the ceiling. Talking to my Granddad. Telling him how I am, how the family are, what I'm doing at school. Updating with any relevant news, cracking a few weak jokes, always ending with how much I miss him, still. But I know he's happy now :)
24) A first;
Having truly the best, honest, genuine friends a girl could ask for. A welcome gift after two years of blank faces.
25) My fears;
Proper fears- Needles and deep water.
General fears- loosing people I love, being alone, being hated, being the same as everyone else, being in trouble, getting lost, making someone unhappy.
26) My favourite place;
Watergate Bay, North Cornwall. I love this beach so much, and the restaurant, and the coastal paths, and the sea, and the beach and the sand. I love the memories they arouse by just tasting the fresh air, feeling the sand beneath my feet. Walking along acres of damp, reflective sand, dragging my board determinedly to find the perfect place to get in and go. Paddling right out with my Dad, being so scared about a huge wave rising, but catching it and feeling like the Queen of the World ;D
27) Something that I miss;
The closeness, and comfort, of being in Junior school. Of being protected by teachers and parens, not having any responsibilites, nothing to worry about. The worst thing that could happen was not being invited to someone's birthday party...
28) My aspirations;
To be happy. In a clean, tidy, white, airy flat in London, with a gorgeous farmhouse in Cornwall waiting. To know how to surf, to have a job that I ADORE and that pays fantastically well. To have a Volkswagen Beetle. To be with my boyfriend forever :) to get married on a beach. To go to at least 100 gigs in my lifetime. To do the MDS with my Dad in 2019. To live forever.
29) A song;
Kiss Me- New Found Glory. This is my love song.
30) One last moment;
An average teenager, sat here typing this post, dancing to the White Stripes, clicking her tongue and generally fidgeting. That's me :)

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