22 May, 2011


Wow. I just love it when someone randomly decides you're a shhhlaag. And doesn't even have the decency to tell you either. Nope, Facebook works! >.< yeah. So, I'm a slag.
Possibility number one; All my friends are mostly boys.
This is probably the most plausible one. I always know what my 'boy'friends are thinking, where they are and how they feel. And the best part? I didn't have to put out to gain this friendship! Wahoo. I'll tell you the main reason I'm so close to all the boys I AM so close to; it's because they were there when the girls weren't. The boys were there and talking to me about our favourite films and music when across the classroom the entire group of girls was just a big laughing mass, pointing and whispering at me. Yep. They knew I was afraid to look round at them, they knew that I was shaking, so they just hugged me, punched each-other and generally cheered me up.
Possibility number two; the way I act.
Ahkay, so I'm friendly. Yep, some would say over-friendly. I personally wouldn't. I have a lush boyfriend, and I know where the boundaries of friendship and flirting overlap. So I always make sure to stay no the right side of those boundaires. Sure, a few boys would joke and try and touch my bottom (:O) but that's all it is, A JOKE! I'm not getting with every single boy I come into contact to, and if anyone cared to listen to me, then they'd know that. Cor, talk about prejudgement...
Possibility number three; my being 'different'.
Grrrrr. It's so hard to be yourself nowadays! Melodrama? I don't think so. I think it's more...truthful. So what if I want to come to school with unstraightened hair and no makeup? So what if I want to do daft little plaits and put eyeliner on? SO WHAT if I want to wear no tights even when it's freezing outside? I'M WHO I AM. And the people that don't like that, then they don't like me. I cannot help what I am, if that means wanting to be different then so be it?!

Moral of the post;
Just because I get on with the boys, doesn't mean I get OFF with the boys.

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