23 May, 2011

Just say if you're not into it :)

My new favourite song.
I'm going to a gig on Monday night with one of the coolest girls on the planet :D I cannot wait. Ever heard of Mayday Parade? SEEING THEM. GAH. I cannot wait. Way better than that awful concert at Newbury Racecourse over the weekend, with The Wanted. EW. EW. EW. Nah, Mayday Parade is going to be so good! And although I'm really excited, I'm also kind of scared a little bit; it'll be my third gig and my first without parents...so, I'm a little bit nervous; I'm too fragile to be buffeted by the cruel moshers of Oxford! But I'm sure I'll be fine :D
In other news, I've my exams the week after half term, which is next week. Which, come to think of it, is actually really stupid because we've just come back from the nearly month-long Easter holiday that we had. So why are we getting in another half term? It's called half-term for a REASON! And this also means that after the week of freedom, we've got like, TEN weeks back at school before the summer which might not sound like much but DRAGS. That means ten lessons of I.T, FORTY lessons of English, Thirty of Maths and fifteen each of French and German, and History and Geography. I could go on but I'm getting depressed. Also, bearing in mind that each lesson is an hour long, there are five lessons in every school day, that makes a total of 250 HOURS of learning! OH MY GOD. And I get exams straight after I get back. Fan-frigging-tastic. Could be worse though, I suppose; at least I have a chance for some decent revision over half-term. A lot of my year are going away to Morocco on World Challenge for the whole week, which means no revision for them. AND the teachers aren't being lenient on this one either, which, in a bleak kind of way, is actually grimly satisfying. It gets so waring all the time, living your life trying to make everything FAIR. Pah. We need to get out of this ridiculous mindframe of being fair. Life isn't fair.

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