23 May, 2011

Peter Pan-ism.

I know I keep depsising everyone who's growing up too fast. And I do, I promise. It gets boring when we talk to a friend we haven't seen in a while and scarcely recognise them. Maybe it's kind of my fault. But then again, maybe not.
Sometimes I wish I didn't feel like I was being left behind. Everyone around me, even my little baby brother, even my boyfriend...they're all moving on, growing up. I saw a stunning picture of my best friend the other day, I barely recognised her because when she's by herself she's so brave, and gorgeous and fantastic and strong. And yes, Millie, that's about you. I don't look grown-up, I look about ten, which when matched with my incongruous vocabulary just makes me sound a little bit wierd. My brother is about four inches taller than me, even though he's a good year and a half younger. My Mum and Dad seem about a foot taller nowadays too, and so does my boyfriend and all our friends at school, they all tower over me. Now, not going to lie but I quite like feeling small sometimes :) but after a while, it gets kind of lonely. I suppose, even everyone in my tutor group, my bunch for the past three years, they're all growing and changing, I don't recognise a single one of them. I'm glad I've changed, I'm happy...because I wasn't happy last year, or the year before, but now I am.


Because I just want to know if I missed the meeting entitled 'How To Grow Up'...it's probably a lesson worth learning.

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