08 May, 2011

Please don't turn your back.

One of the biggest gestures of finality you can hope to do nowadays is turning your back. Be that literally or figuratively, turning your back on someone or something indicates that you've given up. You've completely and totally lost interest, or rather, have been shot down once too often. There's a lot of people I know who've turned their back. Some on me, some on life, some on education. And I think that unless you intend to stick with the action, such is the ultimatum of it that you can barely hope to pull it off unless you see it through. So, now, I'm trying it back. I'm turning my back on the friends who weren't friends, on the many times my calls have been ignored, on trying to give as best I can when all I get is rejection. I'm turning my back and you can't possibly make me change my mind. We walk on thin ice nowadays, and one wrong move could send you plummeting into icy depths which you hoped never to face again. This is why I'm turning my back. Because you made me drown.

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