28 May, 2011

Principles and Principalities

I just heard an advert about the Guardian giving away 40 pairs of free tickets to Glastonbury this year, and I didn't apply on principle; because it's the Guardian.
Likewise, yesterday in English we were doinbg something to do with newspapers and I was paired with a boy ho brought in the Guardian...FML. So we were perusing this farce of a newspaper to find a decent article. Did we hell! The first one that caught (no. 'Caught' is too weak an adjective. 'Snatched' is more like it) my eye was one entitled something to the tune of 'Is The Coalition Government Overlooking Women?'. I will be the first to admit that yes, this new government is overlooking a lot of things, but women? Come on, REALLY? First, the Coalition is media-appeasement, then politically inadequate, now gender-specific? Jeez, it's like a bitch-fight. But whatever. The next article that caught my (now screaming in agony) eye was a piece about the fact that young people ('Children', they're known as, Mr. Media, thank you!) are learning to get a decent killstreak on CoD (tweet at @SmokeyRift if you need a further explaination) faster than they're learning to speak. In other words, Children Play Too Many Video Games. Well, not really. Thirty years ago, it was that children are watching too much T.V. In thirty years' time it'll be that children are rife in the streets, hitting each-other with hovercarts.
My next bone of contention is the fact that for reasons best known to themselves, a proposition has recently aroused for the building of Wind Turbines all across glorious Mid-Wales. Well, firstly, the principle reason for bulding these ''bird-crunching, bat-chomping, view-blighting, rent-seeking monstrosities'' (All quotes taken from; http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100088906/wales-is-in-danger-why-isnt-the-prince-of-wales-saving-it/) is that they will conform to this ridiculous (and rapidly snowballing) idea of humans being responsible for Global Warming (or, sorry, Climate Change now, isn't it? The classic sign of a lie, changing your story...) when in reality, humans are only responsible for just over 0.05% of all CO2 emissions globally, the biggets contenders being rotting vegetation and...cows. So, when you're next tempted to buy a Toyota Prius, punch yourself. Hard. The second reason we shouldn'[t even be entertaining the notion of considering toying with the idea of building these great (and by great, I mean HUGE) THINGS is that it's not strictly fiscally responsible, what with all the time, money, energy and resources being poured into the construction of each site, something that the very proposal has promised to restore plentifully. To conclude, this is why no-one likes the Labour party.


  1. Climate Change? Keep up! It's Global Climate Destabilisation now. Well, I call it that.

  2. I'm so sorry! Do excuse me, I kind of lost my way after being shouted at yet again for killing another polar bear :/