27 June, 2011

Discrimination (The Boy Who Cried Wolf Syndrome)

Today was Health Day at school, fantasticness! My tutor group (love 'em. Aha. Not.) got the best day, Sex, STI's an Contraception, followed by Drugs, then Mental Health! Woo! We didn't even have to do Trading Standards or Self-Esteem! Pah. Self-Esteem? I INVENTED Self-Esteem, sweetheart.
But yeah, I digress (ooh, haven't done that in a while!); our third class, Mental Health, was run by two women who both had mental health problems themselves; Bipolar disorder and Depression respectively. And, although the talk was enlightening (DID YOU KNOW THAT JIM CAREY IS DEPRESSED? AND WINSTON CHURCHILL HAD O.C.D?!), it was also very, very irritating. A particular quote that made me chuckle in shocked annoyance was ''If you're in hospital with a physical disability, you get more Get Well Cards then you would if you're in hospital with a mental disability; it's discrimination, really...''. Right. First port of call? I'm sure the world isn't really at such a low that we go poking fun at manic depressives by deliberately NOT sending them a bunch of freaking carnations when they're in hospital? Secondly; I WILL personally send you a card next time one of you goes back to the phsyciatric ward, ''Get Well Soon, ring me when the voices stop?!''. Okay. So, it sounds NOW like I'm discriminating. How can I possibly begin to empathise with these poor people, who must be so lonely? Thousands of people are probably terrified and isolated right now, and I can't being to understand that at all. But how can I possibly try, or WANT to try, when we learn about how everyone seems to steer clear of mentally unhealthy people? How can I feel a burning passion to help people like this, and to stop my own ignorance, if I'm being told that it's too late anyway, everyone hates a mad person? That even if we all mucked i and helped now, it's too late?
Do you see what I'm saying? Or am I not making sense? Oh, I don't know. In other news, two girls in my class today FINALLY learnt who Winston Churchill was.
**puts two fingers to temple. Pulls imaginary trigger**

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