15 June, 2011

Five-minute rant.

Without wanting to sound self-pitying, I want to talk about the total unfairness of some teachers. I won't mention any names, as I'm not sure if some of my actual teachers still read this, but just to be on the safe side, so...
My tutor, (won't name her) seems to have it in for me majorly. I know you're supposed to respect your elders without question, but I'm of the opinion that, confronted with such naked dislike, the chances of me respecting said teacher are VERY low. The thing is, if you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. But if you're horrible, and you hate me unquestionably, without reason, from the word Go, then I'm going to rebel. I'm lovely for some teachers, I try really hard to participate in lessons, voice my opinion, work to the best of my ability. But in tutorial, I'll do anything I can to make it difficult. Subtly, of course, I'm not getting a detention for all my trouble. I'll give you an example of the absolute extent of my frustration;
This morning, for whatever reason, a whole bunch of costumes were in a pile on the front table, which I was sent unceremoniously to sit at after being caught without (le gasp!) a chair. So, I sat at the table, and tried on one of the hats. One of the other boys had been wearing a top hat from the pile since I walked into the tutor room, so I assumed (yes, yes, I ASSUMED. I made an ass out of u and me, I KNOW.) that it was fine, as he was still wearing the blasted thing. I tried on a flat cap, which pleased me somewhat, until I got yelled at (honestly!) for wearing it. I took it off calmly, my rage building inside me slowly, until the boy sent to sit next to me tried on this truly hideous but very amusing nylon, blonde wig. He looked BRILLIANT! He also got told to take off the wig, and I was picking stray strands of plastic out of his hair whilst listening to the notices. Unfortunately, this simple action was swooped upon, and I got shouted at AGAIN for not paying attention. When responding that I WAS paying attention, and that I COULD in fact do both at once, I got told off yet again for fiddling with costumes and being rude. To which I near-hysterically responded, pointing in the direction of Tophat Boy, ''DO YOU THINK IT GROWS OUT OF HIS SKULL?! HE'S WEARING COSTUME TOO!''. Ah, final straw, and I got sent outside.

Conclusion? People have totally lost control when they resort to petty punishment, and are way beyond reason. So, don't waste your time. In fact, you should secretly feel just a little bit proud if you ever get told off unreasonably...it means that you've made someone loost control. ;D

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