20 June, 2011

Give me something to believe in...

Cos I don't believe in you anymore, anymore.
I wonder if it even makes a difference, it even makes a difference to try.
I'm not deaf...you say something to me then talk behind your hands.
I thought it wouldn't hurt anymore. But I was wrong, we all were :)
Lots of things are left unsaid, when we're running out of time to say them.
It's such a crime to feel wanted!
Sometimes I say things I don't mean, like, 'I'm fine'. But sometimes, you do too, like, 'I love you', right?
Sat in an English classroom writing an essay, feeling the momentary jolt as you finally figure out what you're s'posed to be writing!
You're too much for someone like me. So I'm going to make sure I have forever to learn.
Say hello to all the boys at the top of the table that you're under.
You weren't the first, or the last, but possibly the prettiest.
Ahhh :) you talk about her like she meant nothing. What does that make me?
I remember how you once said, ''Nothing's stopping us from lasting forever, not if we both want it badly enough''. I wish you still said things like that.
Like 100 more.
And he's making you scream with his hands on your hips...hope he's leaving you empty baby, this is just a fix for a simple little whore
So pull the trigger, it never gets closer, you wanna start over, never start over.
All that's changed is this pretty face.

I love how I can't squash my feelings down into a mere 160 characters...BlackBerry texting, you SUCK.
Bite meh?
Everyday I'm hurting, I come home and I'm funny.
If I'm happy then everything works!
Kick the door down if they lock you in :]
I'm scared to death that everything you said to me was just a lie until you left.

I love montages. Photos, lyrics, words, feelings.
Let's dance to joy division and celebrate the irony!
''If they call me a ho, Imma be the biggest damn ho they've ever seen!''
''Hey, don't worry about the rumours...if I was you, I'd take naked pictures of myself too, cos you are HAWT.''
And put the hook where it hurts the most.
Everyone was kissing fire and we all got burnt.
I love you. And I hate this.

Sat in my room typing my head!
I'll be fine, I swear...I'm just gone beyond repair.
Getting into Triple Science on a total fluke; everytime I answer a question in class and it's correct, I feel like Jesus.
Geting more than five likes on your status is a good day.
Laughing uncontrollably at a line in a book and making yourself read it over and over again until you stop smiling.
Hunched in bed late at night, my book illuminated by the twinkly lights. I feel safe, and I love turning them off and snuggling down, and looking at the dim shade of blue light cast over my room.
Sometimes, I'm a little bit beautiful, yeah.
I would so marry myself if that was legal.

Don't you just want to run around naked sometimes?
''What are you wearing tomorrow?'' ''Nothing''.
Your inspiration is the loss of absolutely everything.
We won't capture every perfect moment, every brilliant word, every fantastic joke. We can't record an amazing day, a happy sigh, a lovly feeling. We can sure as hell try, though.
Stop being different once in a while.
Why can't we all just get alahhhhhng?
You over-dramatise EVERYTHING! Um...duh?
Every single American high-school film lied its ass off to me. Thanks.
Preston walking off Buzzcocks. Simon and John's gay-off. ''You Raise Me Up''.

Being half awake and just pretending to sleep whilst you figure out where you are.
We all have a paticular place where we all take photos.
''I'm being artistic'' ''AUTISTIC?'' ''NOH! If I meant Autistic, I'd have said Autistic!''.
The feeling of ridiculous pride when someone compliments me on my blog.
I love being talked about. It means I'm important enough to be thought about, even when I'm not there!
I'm wearing seven bracelets, three necklaces, two earrings and an anklet.
Surprising people.
Creating evermore abbreviations.
Loking through old texts and going, 'WHUT?! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, WHAT AM I SAYING?!'.
Cringing at the thought of how unimportant you were in Year Seven, and probably still are now.
Rapping a verse by yourself and looking around to see if anyone noticed.
Inwardly cursing when you trip over in public.
That awful feeling when the seam of your tights digs into the corner of your toe.

Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow.
Replaying a bit of a song because it amuses you.
It's not about the Price Tag, eh? So I s'pose you did that song for free?
Like dododododododo...
Blogging. I live for this.
Being casually racist if your friends are black or Asian.
Having a perfectly circular face.
Being sorely tempted to faceplant anything and everything.
Collecting odd glances like gold.
Doing something by yourself for the first time and feeling so grownuo, no matter what age you are.
Random spots on your person?
Converting my Facebook profile into French. This helps me learn!
Thumbs up for life.
Poking somene repeatedly.
''Dude. Dude. Dude. Dude. Dude. Dude. Dude...'' ''You're stood right next to me!'' ''Yeah, but you were talking''.
Anarchy equals non-uniform day/substitute teachers.
Your parents' wedding or stories of your birth :)
Randomly crying?!
I wish I could leapfrog. That'd make me instantly cool.
Realising when someone's talking about you and being all, 'AHA! I have cracked your clever code'.
Using the same letter at the beginning of each word five times in a row; alliteration-gasm!
Hearing a song you like when you're walking, and strutting.
Heh. I don't like you.
Is it just me who thinks she's actually fugly?

Okay, I'm done. Tumblr overload.

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