06 June, 2011

My perfect imperfections!

This idea was taken from m'friend over there (http://stonedonabridge.blogspot.com if her posts are as good as her looks, you guys are in for something SWEET) who in turn took it from a YouTube tag, which ROCKED. Basically, three things I love and hate about my good self. So here goes nothing...

Three things I like;
My eyes; people are commenting on them pretty often, telling me how big they are and stuff :) and I like the scar about my left eye (idk...) and my eyelashes, and I pretty much love the colours (they change :D).
My skin tone; sometimes (like now) it is the excact (not even joking) shade of Vanilla ice cream, but my arms always remain slightly tanned, as does my stomach :D
My sense of humour; little bit cheeky, little bit crazy. Sarcasm mixed with wit, mixed with self-deprication, mixed with wierdity :D

Three things I dislike;
My nose; it's way too big and bumpy, so I hate it tbf.
My figure; my shoulders are too big, as is my bum, but my waist is tiny, so stuff that's like, a Size Eight which is what I shoulda been, I can't fit into, I'm going for a twelve instead -.-
My personality; it's very off and on, and I'm pretty quick as well. If I decide I don't like somone, it generally stays that way, and I'm very quick to make decisions.

So that's me. What do you guys think? Leave a comment or something below, it can be totally anonymous, and be as honest as you like. Happy reading!

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