21 June, 2011

Description of scene #1

AHA. I thought I'd have to do one sooner or later, and I've had a request for it (my first post request, yayayay!! Comment or TwitBook me if you have a suggestion) so I thought I'd give it a go.
Alrighty. So, at the moment of writing, it's currently 9:48pm GMT and I'm sat cross-legged on my bedroom floor writing this post. I'm wearing my pjj's (Grey 'No Slogan' tshirt and pink stripy pjj bottoms), as well as three bracelets, one hairtie, two earrings and an anklet. My TV is on and Not Going Out is playing in the background, and my room is softly (mood lighting, eh?) lit by my fairy lights. It's not yet totally dark and I can see the silhouette of trees from my vantage point, through my bedroom window. My room is reasonably tidy...at least, it looks tidy from this angle. My brother is hanging around outside my bedroom, and he just called me a 'plastic raspberry-flavoured Tickle Bear' and 'a giant, oversized Oreo'. He's now crouching over me, surveying my every word typed and commenting on my awful typing skills which aren't actually that bad, thanks, Wills, because I can touch-type...can you?! No you can't. Go home. Yes. Go home. I don't care what you want, go home. Ew, that wierd Radox pseudo-Japanese advert just came on. Ewww. It's wierd. Heh. Ah, I just had an arm-spasm and accidentally hit my brother in the face :/ it's a serious disability, I'm telling you. He's now laughing. Go away, Wills. YES.

But anyway. OOH. That song by Gram Master Flash just came on, with the Eau De Lacoste advert. Hey, check me out advertising.
Right, I'm going to bed because I have a raging headache and I'm tired. WILLIAM, PLEASE STOP READING EVERYTHING I TYPE IN A HY-PHEN-A-TED TONE OF VOICE. Gah!


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