13 June, 2011

"What's your favourite tipple?"

The quote my ridiculous teacher put forth this afternoon during our PDP session in our tutor group. We'd just read an 'article' (a cheap, trashy, RealLife! page) on a teenager girl who drank over 250 units of alchohol a week and doesn't regret it. And also, let me just add that we didn't discuss this article once. No, we were too busy discussing our favourite alchoholic drinks, hence the title quote. As our teacher, she's supposed to be warning us against binge-drinking, we didn't even discuss the health risks. But we wasted twenty minutes of purile discussion about our favourite cocktails, lager, whatever. And of course, this was some peoples' real chance to shine; they couldn't believe their ears! "Favourite drink? Yep, I know all about that!

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